James Gunn On Idea Of Potential Justice League Dark Universe

Change, in many cases, may seem scary, but for DC fans worldwide, it might be the next big thing. On November 1, DC Studios officially replaced DC Films as Warner Bros. Discovery’s main Division. James Gunn and his co-boss, Peter Safran, are at the forefront of this mega change.

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The two are actually making plans that will guide the DCU for the next ten years, and we couldn’t be more excited to see how everything will pan out. In fact, the DC Studios co-boss, James Gunn, recently reacted to the idea of having a Justice League Dark universe that will focus on the supernatural heroes in the DC Universe. To have the franchise actually exist in live-action would simply be stellar, a pretty strong beginning for the new era that the DC Universe will take.

James Gunn and Peter Safran are in charge of movies, TV shows, animations, and video games that will grace us in the upcoming years.

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A New Beginning For DC Universe

Like I said before, change can be an awesome thing, especially when it involves your favorite films and shows. It isn’t easy, however, because many things have to be considered, especially the past success of DC Films. DC Studios will be trying to fill in pretty huge shoes, but we aren’t the least worried. Gunn and Safran are allegedly still preparing and planning a presentation to the CEO of Warner Bros. Discover David Zaslav, and all we know for now is that they want to take a different approach.

This has only subjected fans all over the world to even more suspense and excitement. We all can’t wait to know the stories and, most especially, the characters that the DC Universe will take on. I won’t even get started on the curiosity fans have of which DC characters the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad filmmaker want to exist in a standalone.

Gunn and Safran have their hands pretty full, as they are working on pieces that aren’t even tied to the DC Universe. So wait, how the hell did we even find out that James Gunn may actually create a universe solely for the Justice League Dark Characters? Well, it all started with a simple tweet from a fan.

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J.J. Abrams And His Justice League Dark Plans Into The DC Universe

For what feels like ages, Warner Bros. has made an attempt to revive the DC supernatural team back on our screens. This was through Guillermo del Toro as he had begun his plans for a Justice League Dark movie. However, things didn’t exactly happen as we all had hoped when we saw del Toro and director Doug Liman left the production. You can pretty much imagine all the creative differences and delays that led to that.

Warner Bros., however, never gave up on the idea leading them to re-develop their initial plans; instead, Justice League Dark would be a shared TV and movie universe. The new executive producer selected to handle the big project was J.J. Abrams. His work was not just to simply develop a show. He was also to create new movies and series that would all co-relate and intertwine with the franchise building up on the necessary drama and excitement for each scene. This would be through the courtesy of his Bad Robot Productions.

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All Plans Put On Hold

HBO Max announced that the Constantine reboot series and Madame X would no longer be streamed. This brought many questions about whether the Justice League Dark series will continue production. The franchise had not yet started filming, and, I feel this would create the perfect opportunity for DC Studios to bring Abrams’ ideas and plans to life. We can’t say anything at this point, though, as we see Abrams continue the production of Constantine 2 through Bad Robot.

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The DC universe has endless opportunities, with DC Studios being its guide. No matter which direction James Gunn and Peter Safran take, they have promised more DCU TV shows that may be a new way to add crossovers with other established characters. For now, all we have to be is patient.

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