Sounds Like Henry Cavill is Ready to Play Superman Again

It’s pretty obvious that Henry Cavill wants to put on the cape and costume and get back to the business of being the shining beacon of hope that Superman is supposed to represent, but it’s not certain if the DCEU feels the same at this time. There are likely plenty of those within the brand that would love to see Cavill come back, but the snafu that was created during Batman vs. Superman still feels like it might be enough to keep this from happening. It’s not certain why he wouldn’t be coming back to the role since he did fine with what he was given to work with, but it almost feels as though a bit of faith has been lost in Cavill’s ability, which is surprising since he’s actually been one of the better candidates that have taken on the role throughout the years. Despite the split in the fanbase, it’s likely that he could still do something with this character and make it impressive enough to push forward in a way that would invite new and more engaging stories that could redeem the franchise in a big way. 

The mention of wanting to become the hero once again is tempered by the idea that he might want to become a darker version of Superman, as being controlled by an outside force is an idea that Cavill would gladly embrace after establishing the character as a hero once more. Imagining a darker version of Superman in the movies would be kind of interesting, not to mention the fact that it might actually allow things to move forward in a way that could call back several heroes and even other villains in order to deal with him and further the story. There are so many storylines that DC hasn’t managed to adapt yet that it’s confusing to think of why they wouldn’t want to bring Cavill back when he’s ready to go and can do the job. 

One can honestly assume that if an actor wants the job and has been proven capable of doing it in the past that it would be a no-brainer to hire them back on and make another go of it, and keep going at it until the stories run out, run stale, or the actor simply wants out. But that’s not quite how things go since like it or not, there are too many politics at play behind the scenes and the level of creativity is a tender thing that once touched usually needs to be reorganized and rewritten in order to satisfy those that end up rolling it out to a public that is willing to see what’s being offered, but has no idea if it’s going to be something they’re going to like. Superman has been a character that people have been wanting to see filled by a large number of people over the years, but despite how the role was filled out by a couple of other people, Henry Cavill has managed to make it work in a big way. Whether or not he’ll ever be considered to be just as good as anyone else is hard to say, but it does feel that he has a lot of room for growth with this character, and could do something special if he were given the chance. 

Still, the fact that those at DC appear to feel a different way is kind of hard to reconcile with since it feels as though if they don’t change their mind, which could happen to be fair, that they would be missing out on a great chance to create a giant push for the brand that wouldn’t come around as easily again. Right now it feels as though more is being placed on Robert Pattinson’s Batman, to see if the character is going to be capable of bringing a new level of popularity to the dark knight by keeping it separate from the DCEU. Does anyone else get the feeling that the DCEU really doesn’t know what’s going on at this point, or that those running the company aren’t fully aware of what they have? From a financial standpoint, a lot of people would have a great argument to make since the box office numbers have been fairly positive for a lot of the DC movies that have come out. 

But in terms of the ideas that have been brought out, it really feels as though DC is either following a beat that a lot of people can’t fully comprehend, or they act like they know what they’re doing but don’t really have a clue. Obviously, the latter isn’t all that accurate since it’s not too likely that their success would have come about if they had no idea what they’re doing. But in the case of Superman, not bringing Cavill back feels like a mistake that they would be regretting very quickly later on down the line. 

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