Yes, Henry Cavill Can Be In Marvel And DC Movies

If you ask DC fans who their favorite Superman actor is, most will probably pick Christopher Reeves, but I like Henry Cavill more. I know, I know, that’s almost considered sacrilegious for some fans, but I stand by that unpopular opinion. In fact, I’ll do one better by saying Man of Steel is a better Superman movie than the first two Christopher Reeves movies. Oh, I can imagine what all you fans are thinking right now. No, I am not crazy, but if you really think my opinion is silly, just go rewatch both of those movies and sit through the endings. You remember those, right? In case anyone forgot, they both show Superman flying around the world so fast that he literally turns back time. It’s almost like he had Doctor Strange’s time stone, except he didn’t. Bad things happened, so he just flew very fast. There is no way you can convince me those endings were good. Having the first movie end that way was ridiculous enough, but to have the second movie end with that same cop out? Yeah, that just didn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think Superman one and two are really good comic book movies. It’s just those head-scratching endings that I can’t register. So for you naysayers who hate on Man of Steel because Henry Cavill’s Superman killed Zod in the end, I suggest you think about the context.

I actually want to back up for a minute and bring up Henry Cavill and his questionable future as Superman in the DC Cinematic Universe. If you remember back in the fall of 2018, it was reported that Henry Cavill would be hanging up the cape and moving on to other things. That was disappointing news, but I never completely bought into it. The fact that Henry Cavill himself has never fully come out and confirm that he’s done just stops me from losing hope. Yes, that was intending to be Superman-related. I have to bring this up because Henry Cavill was asked about it directly during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and gave a very provocative answer. On top of being asked about season 2 of the Witcher, James Bond, and other things, THR just had to ask him about his future as Superman. Why wouldn’t they? Henry Cavill told them that the cape is still in his closet. More importantly, he elaborated further and said that there is a lot more storytelling for him to do as Superman. Speaking of that controversial ending, Henry Cavill went on to defend it and he did it perfectly.

The way he explained it was that his Superman killing Zod meant that he killed the last surviving member of his race. In fact, he even said that emotional scream afterwards wasn’t even in the script, but he felt that it was fitting. I mean, Superman isn’t supposed to kill, but he did it out of desperation. That’s okay, because this means that this Superman has a chance to grow mentally and emotionally. What Henry Cavill said was that it was an opportunity to explore the psyche of Superman as a deep, invulnerable god-like being but with real feelings on the inside. He ended it by reaffirming that his cape is still in the closet. That’s good news for his fans, like me, who really want him to soar as Superman again. I think he will, but let’s think bigger. Aside from this whole Superman drama, Henry Cavill has also expressed great interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And who does he want to play? Well, here’s a little hint: he wants to play a British superhero. Surprised? Not at all, and the Marvel superhero is none other than Brian Braddock, better known to comic book fans as Captain Britain. Okay, let me just say how fitting that is. Can we possibly imagine anyone better suited for the part of Great Britain’s version of Captain America? And since the actual Captain America is retired in the MCU, I think now’s the time for Captain Britain to make his live-action debut.

Can Henry Cavill realistically play two comic book characters in two separate cinematic universes? I certainly think so, considering he’s playing one major character in the DCEU, except he’s not getting another solo movie anytime soon. Oh, and let’s not even talk about Justice League 2. If that’s going to happen, then you must have Henry Cavill return as Superman. But if Warner Bros. wants to focus on other DC characters, then I think Marvel has an opportunity here. For the record, I don’t think Captain Britain is a big enough character to have his own solo movie. That’s okay, because he’ll be perfect for a supporting character in a movie that revolves around MI-13. That is basically the British intelligence agency that has superheroes working for them. You could say that they’re super spies. Da dum dish.

But as far as I can tell, Marvel is already setting up the formation of MI-3. With the Eternals setting up Dane Whitman to become the Black Knight with the Ebony Blade and Mahershala Ali coming in as Blade, we got two big MI-3 members to kick the team off. But it just can’t be the two of them, they need someone else. There’s no question about it. A British comic book team needs England’s top superhero and there’s no better man to play him than Henry Cavill. This character originally had powers that were granted to him by a mystical artifact called the Amulet of Right. The amulet transformed him into a more muscular version of himself, along with superhuman strength, stamina, durability, reflexes, and speed. This was the source of his powers until it was destroyed and his very costume became the source.

Oh, and I should also mention that Captain Britain is capable of flying. That sounds a lot like Henry Cavill, only this time, he actually gets to use his real British accent. I think this deal sounds like a no-brainer. Again, I don’t think it matters that Henry Cavill is working for the competition. I mean, his Man of Steel co-star, Laurence Fishburne, is doing the same thing with Perry White and Bill Foster. He’s not even the first and he shouldn’t be the last. If Henry Cavill won’t suit up as Superman soon, then he can suit up as Marvel’s Captain Britain. The man is seriously dedicated to his roles and he’ll have no problem becoming another superhero. Maybe he’ll take on another video game character?

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