New Horror Comedy “Werewolves Within” Looks Fun

New Horror Comedy “Werewolves Within” Looks Fun

New Horror Comedy “Werewolves Within” Looks Fun

It’s easy to state that horror comedies tend to be hilarious and over the top, or they sink horribly and don’t really end up being thought of as that great. At first look, Werewolves Within does appear as though it might one of those that might get a bit goofy after a while and become more or less a movie in which the monsters look like something that was taken out of the bargain bin at a Halloween store, but upon further inspection, it appears as though it might be kind of interesting. The idea is that no one really knows who’s a monster and who’s human, which is only exacerbated by the fact that there’s already a divide between the townsfolk thanks to the inclusion of a pipeline that people have been arguing over. That sounds a bit familiar, as do a few moments within the trailer that speak of ‘woke’ thinking. But the rest of the trailer does make the movie sound interesting enough to give it a look since the beast threatening the town makes a few moves that are rather intelligent for something that’s supposed to be a maddened beast, such as destroying the transformers that keep the town powered. As the townsfolk, those who don’t get attacked and savaged right away, make their way to the local inn, things begin to worsen as a storm rolls in, and the inability to trust each other starts to spread among the group, as one might think it would. This could be something that’s intriguing enough to sit down and watch, especially since the werewolf movies of the past couple of decades haven’t always been this simple. A lot of movies go over the top quickly and don’t come back down until it’s too late, but with an injection of comedy, this movie could possibly be one of the more impressive werewolf movies.

A lot of werewolves end up going over the top with effects, with storylines, and with pretty much everything. There appears to be enough mystery in this story that will help to keep people amused, suspicious, and guessing who the beast is right up until the reveal. What the beast will end up looking like is hard to say since every werewolf in every movie looks rather different depending on what the director wants. Some are huge and beyond ugly, while others are sleek and vicious-looking, making sure to scare the audience when they’re finally revealed. Given that this is going to have comedic moments to it, and considering that it’s taking place in a colder climate, one might think that the beast is going to be absolutely intimidating and maybe a little over the top. But we’ll have to wait and see since the trailer does a pretty good job of hiding away the appearance of the monster. It does feel as though it’s been a while since a quality werewolf movie has come around, but opinions might vary on that score since a lot of people tend to enjoy a variety of horror movies for various reasons. One of the biggest issues with werewolf movies tends to be that the creatures end up looking far different than people are expecting, which can have a profound effect on how a person views the movie.

The setting, the story, as far as we know it at the moment, and the actors appear to come together in a manner that kind of scream ‘dark comedy’, but it’s also fair to say that it sounds like something that will amuse and entertain a lot of people even if others find it a little less than effective. There are a lot of different ways to say it, but werewolf movies have a lot of difficulty getting the entire audience on board since while most of those watching will be watching because they enjoy a decent horror movie, others might be watching out of pure curiosity to see how the movie turns out, and if there’s a single thing out of whack then they might not be impressed. But it does sound as though the director, Josh Ruben, had this to say via GeekTyrant:

“I grew up near the same small town where we shot Werewolves Within. As a kid, I’d freak myself out, making up monster stories, running through the woods, pretending I was Chief Brody, fighting creatures in the brush (I LOVED Jaws — hell, I loved horror). That hometown experience, where neighbors knew your business (whether you liked it or not) is so much of what makes Werewolves so personal. But, as much as I love horror movies, nothing scares me more than people. And as much as this movie is an homage to my love for Hot Fuzz, the Coen Brothers, and Arachnophobia, it’s also about the monster in all of us. This movie is a tribute to those of us who are resolute that good conquers evil, and that ‘being good’ is the best weapon we’ve got, against guns, knives, even claws… Sometimes, you just gotta be a good neighbor, no matter how wicked people are.”

The movie will be headed to theaters next month and should be worth the effort to stay seated for a couple of hours.

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