Captain Picard Meeting His Real Clone Instead of Bald Tom Hardy in Deepfake

Captain Picard Meeting His Real Clone Instead of Bald Tom Hardy in Deepfake

Deepfake Picard

Honestly it’s hard to say what’s creepier, seeing Captain Picard’s face on a body that’s wearing those clothes, or hearing Tom Hardy’s voice coming out of his mouth. Nemesis wasn’t exactly the most popular of movies in the Star Trek franchise but it raised a lot of questions that a lot of fans wanted to hear answered. A young clone of Picard that was aging badly and was insane to top it off seems like a recipe for disaster, but someone that was bent on getting rid of the man that he’d been copied from along with so many others was even worse. Like so many other Star Trek villains Shinzon had a serious plan in mind but masked this by claiming that he’d staged a coup on Romulus to free the Reman people that were used as slaves. But the real gist of his plan is that he intends to kill all life on earth with a new radiation weapon that kind of goes along with the mythos.

The only problem is that Shinzon isn’t bound to last all that long since the manner in which he was created is leaving him increasingly weakened as time goes on. When Picard and his crew catch wind of what Shinzon is planning they attempt to do something about it and end up ramming the Enterprise into Shinzon’s vessel, the Scimitar, nearly disabling both ships. After Picard attempts to talk to Shinzon to get him to stop it becomes obvious that the clone is entirely bent on gaining his revenge and won’t be talked down. Data then transports Picard away from the Scimitar before causing the ship to explode, sacrificing himself for the good of the crew. Thankfully, because the writers, producers, and directors know very well what might happen if another crew member was to die, Data was bound to be replaced by B4, an android that had been found by Data, Picard, and Worf earlier in the movie. At one point Data downloaded his neural net into B4, so it would only be a matter of time until the second android began to sound and act like the lost crew member. Isn’t it fun to have an escape plan?

At any rate, this movie was so loathed that some people would like to think it never existed, and given the fact that Star Trek was given a new timeline when Chris Pine entered the picture as a younger Kirk, it’s very likely that the moment that the franchise ever gets to the Next Generation phase again, if it does, then things will likely be different. If that happens however it would be amazing since you have to think that Nemesis is so many movies in, and the renewed Star Trek franchise has only reached its third movie at the moment, during which nothing that happened before, or perhaps very few things, are the same. Recall that in the original movies by the second one that the crew had lost Spock for a brief time before he was deposited on the planet that had been created by the Genesis project. In the third movie he was miraculously reborn and started to grow at an accelerated rate, though his mind and soul were stuck with Dr. McCoy, and needed to be returned on Vulcan during a dangerous ceremony. There’s no telling when the new run will have a fourth movie, but obviously the third didn’t go anywhere near the original material thanks to the events of the second movie.

If the new run finally gets to a fourth and then a fifth movie it will likely be when a lot of us are starting to get kind of old since at this rate it would almost seem as though the movies need to be overhauled in a big way or given a shot in the arm so to speak that will revive them. Nemesis was one of those movies, much like Insurrection, that a lot of fans tried their hardest to like but just couldn’t get into for some reason. If this had been done in the original screening of Nemesis you can almost bet that people would have thrown a certified fit since it would likely make them wonder just what the director was trying to pull. As it is, Deepfake is getting better and better with the effect since it’s becoming more natural more fitting to each face and head. While the Mel Gibson face for Fury Road didn’t seem quite right, the Jim Carrey face for The Shining was insanely creepy and eerily realistic. One has to wonder how long it’s going to be before we start seeing more and more of this kind of technology being used in actual movies, and whether or not it’s going to be this convincing.

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