Are We Ever Going to See a Movie Called “The Flash?”

Grant Gustin The Flash

You would almost think that with the success of Aquaman that DC would be itching to get started on expanding all of their major players and perhaps even bringing in some more big names that might help their franchise continue to lift off the ground. With rumors of another Batman movie and a possible resurgence of Superman on the far horizon it’s not too hard to think that the Flash would be able to finally get his own standalone movie that could help establish him as a legitimate hero in his own right. In the comics there’s no doubt that he’s stood on his own for a long time, as he’s been one of the favored superheroes of the masses for years. But in the movies so far he’s had to rely on the help of other heroes to really bring out the quirky nature of Barry Allen and the idea that he’s worth as much as the other heroes.

There’s a few reasons though why the Flash movie might not be coming any time soon.

At this point it might come out in 2021 since production on the movie is planned to get going again in late 2019.

One of the big sticking points is that Ezra Miller, the guy that’s been the face of the Flash in the movies thus far, has been tapped for the Fantastic Beasts movies and is currently kind of hard to pin down for anything else. On top of that Ezra’s popularity has been increasing to the point that the Flash is actually one of the roles that is closer to the back burner than most when it comes to his career. He’s been moving up the ranks so far with amazing speed since he’s taken on various roles throughout the years that have really showcased his talent and his ability. Add to that the fact that he seems to be more of a sidekick in every DC movie he’s shown up in at this point, meaning Suicide Squad and Justice League, and it seems as though his chance at a lead role is far better elsewhere at this point. But given that people seem to like him as the Flash, at least in part, it’s not too hard to think that once he’s able he’ll be back in the suit and racing into the distance when everyone is ready to go. But even the movie does start filming later this year, and that’s a big IF, there’s a good chance that it might not be seen until the middle of 2021 or even later depending on whether or not there are any other complications to deal with.

The Flash hasn’t taken on a huge presence on the big screen yet.

It seems fair to say that during the months leading up to the Justice League premiere that one of the favored moments in the trailer came when Bruce Wayne was recruiting Barry Allen to the team. After all Ezra does manage to give a good performance of a man that thinks quickly, acts quickly, and in more than one way is still kind of a loner since he’s a bit awkward in his manner. Both DC and Marvel have managed to kind of mess with origin stories since they started up, sticking closely to some aspects and ignoring others in favor of integrating the heroes with one another quickly instead of allowing things to build up. Unfortunately this tends to muddy the waters before any origin story can really be created since it requires a series of quick flashbacks that tend to alienate a lot of viewers and just barely mollify those that have been following the heroes for so long. The Flash has a rich back story just like anyone else, which is why it seems as though this movie should be an origin story, or perhaps follow in the footsteps of Aquaman when it comes to showing just how Barry got his powers.

There are some that would love to see Grant Gustin take up the role of the scarlet speedster in the movie to come, but the chances are a lot better that Ezra Miller will retain the title and leave Gustin and the others to their TV fame. While both actors have managed to portray the character quite well it’s the fact that Ezra was the first to take the speedster to the big screen where he managed to impress enough people with his slightly awkward manner. That being said however it’s still a question as to whether this movie is going to get the green light when it’s expected or if the studio will hold off just because they don’t think they can top what they did with Aquaman or even come close. That’s kind of funny since no one thought that Aquaman would come close to Wonder Woman, and yet the numbers don’t lie.

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