Frozen 2 Gets First Official Full Trailer

Frozen 2

The buzz concerning Frozen 2 has been building and thus far it seems as though there’s plenty to be excited about since the full trailer does seem to elicit a good deal of excitement and the reason for it. Apparently Arendelle is about to come under a grave threat, and whether it’s the humongous rock monsters that are shown in the trailer or the fact that Elsa seems to be falling deeper and deeper into the use of her magic there’s a good chance that things might change in a very big way, as Molly Thomson of Insider might agree, when this movie finally hits theaters. As you can already guess there are dozens of things that people are pointing out in the trailer that are either seen as points of interest or simply as items that might point to a feminist lean that some folks have been thinking this movie will be showing since the era we’re living in now is making it clear that strong women are what is needed in movies and that narrative has been pushed in a very big way. The idea of Anna wielding a sword made of ice instead of Kristoff, Elsa leading the charge into the unknown, and the only male characters being kind of goofy and not entirely helpful along the way is something that might make that seem evident. But there’s another way to look at this as well.

For one, the story is in fact driven by Elsa and Anna since they’re the central characters and as such the many different aspects of the movie are going to be centered around them. Kristoff isn’t a warrior no matter how tough and strong he might be. He’s an ice trader, whereas Anna, who might not be that great of a fighter, we don’t know since we didn’t get that far into her character, but is always the one that’s willing to stand up for others due to her strong if somewhat naive beliefs. The two sisters make this movie so it’s quite reasonable to make them both the most interesting in the movie as well as the most aggressive at times since one wields power on a level that’s simply frightening but wonderful and the other has a fiery temper that kind of evens out her sister’s somewhat chill demeanor. In fact as Melanie Gasmen of The List has stated it wouldn’t be too far flung of a theory to think that Anna had a bit of magical ability at one point but that it was suppressed in a much more efficient way than Elsa’s ever was. That would be insanely interesting since it would make the dynamic between the sisters that much better.

But one thing to take from this trailer is that Elsa is going to be delving deeper into her magic and it’s possible that we’ll get an idea or even an explanation as to why she has this power and where it came from. An entire civilization that exists beyond the mists that separate Arendelle from the rest of the continent could provide explanations for a great deal of this movie and it could be that Elsa will have a few hard decisions to make before it’s all said and done. One theory that has and hasn’t gained a lot of popularity is that Elsa will find someone to enter into a romantic relationship with, and that someone will allow her to be one of the first LGBTQ+ animated characters on the big screen. Anna Quintana from Distractify is one of many that spoke on this and offered her own view. While a lot of people think this would be great there’s still enough flak being taken from this idea to give people hope that it will never happen. One thing is pretty clear in the Frozen movies thus far however and that’s the fact that the damsel in distress stereotype is definitely on its way out. Even Anna in the first movie, who was in distress at some points, was possessed of a strong enough will to remain defiant and resolute in her course as she not only braved the wilds to find her sister, but was willing to give her life to save Elsa as well. That speaks to a very strong and independent woman that a lot of people have been wanting to see for a long time and have seen quite often now with Disney’s animated features. Think about it, Pocahontas, Mulan, Moana, Belle, Merida, Tiana, Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and I’m sure there are several more. The damsel in distress days are pretty much gone, and having a man in the picture is basically a chance to showcase a villain or a goofy helper that can make things worse or help out where he’s needed.

All in all this movie looks like it’ll be a good bit of fun for a family to go and see since it opens up the world in which Elsa and Anna live a bit more and offer an exciting new conflict that will need to be sorted out.

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