So Quaritch Has No Knowledge of His Death?

Avatar 2 star confirms long-running Quaritch fan theory

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It’s already been established that Quaritch, the badass colonel that caused so much damage in the first Avatar movie, will be returning, but people have been wondering how and why this would be possible since Neytiri finished this guy off in the first movie. It was a well-deserved death, to be certain, since Quaritch is a monster in human form, as his orders to destroy Hometree and his general disdain for the Na’vi were seen to be serious detriments to his character. But bringing him back for the second movie makes things a little interesting since just thinking about it makes one realize that his threat is far from over and his ability to cause even more damage in more inventive ways. Quaritch was deadly enough when he was a human that relied on breathing masks and mechanized suits, but the fact that he’s being brought back as what will be known as a Recombinant, essentially an avatar with the knowledge and memories of the person that’s being imprinted upon them, is even worse for his enemies. 

Avatar 2 trailer could reveal how Quaritch returns

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Quaritch as a Recombinant could essentially be immortal. 

This needs to be explained a little since the truth is that the Recombinant bodies would still be mortal and thus capable of taking damage and even being killed. But the question that arises and creates the idea of immortality is whether or not the process of recreating a body and bringing Quaritch back to life can be done more than once. It’s fair to state that each avatar costs a lot of money and time to create, but a quality soldier that can think like a human and act like an avatar native to Pandora would be invaluable to humanity since they could level the playing field if there were enough of them. It’s easy to think that this isn’t going to be the case, that Quaritch and whoever else is turned into a Recombinant would be limited in number but perhaps seen as a covert strike force that could operate upon Pandora. It’s also easy to think that they might be given every chance to do whatever it takes to secure the desired resources. 

It sounds as though he’ll be sticking around for at least one more movie. 

This sounds like a rumor at the moment, but it could very easily be true since letting go of Quaritch after only one more movie feels like it would be a waste. If Avatar had remained as a one-and-done, his death would have been easier to take since it was the final battle between a worthwhile antagonist and two protagonists that had serious issues with each other. How and why he’ll be kept around is tough to say, considering that his death appeared to be final, but it was deserved. Bringing him back is a strange choice, but it’s one that could bear fruit if it’s done in a manner that makes it clear that he’s fully aware of what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. That’s the thing; it sounds as though Quaritch knows most of what’s happened up until the point of his death. But it sounds as though his death is the one thing that he won’t remember. 

Avatar 2: Stephen Lang Explains Who Quaritch Is in His Surprise Return to  Pandora

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It’s ironic to turn Quaritch into an avatar. 

Think back to the first movie and how much Quaritch hated the Na’vi, and then think about how he’ll be headed back to the second movie. If there’s one thing that feels like a massive punishment, as well as a bit of torture, it’s to be bound in the same skin that belongs to one’s enemies. Thinking about how it might be for Quaritch to see a blue face in the mirror after being let back into the world is kind of interesting since it’s a big hope that there will be at least a moment or two in which it will be shown that Quaritch has to adjust to his new existence. The idea is similar to that of Face/Off with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, but it does feel as though Quaritch is possessed of the type of will that would allow him to let the means justify the ends. He might even end up thinking of it as poetic justice. 

A matchup between Jake and Quaritch should be far more even now. 

The fight between Jake and Quaritch in the first movie was impressive since it took Quaritch, wearing a mechanized and pressurized suit, to take on Jake in his Na’vi form. But now that Jake has been entirely converted to his avatar body, it’s interesting to think of what might happen if he and Quaritch were to meet, since depending on how augmented the Recombinant might be, it could be a fight that wouldn’t be so one-sided. 

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