Barry Keoghan’s Joker: Everything You Need To Know About The Batman Villain

Barry Keoghan’s Joker: Everything You Need To Know About The Batman Villain
Barry Keoghan’s Joker: Everything You Need To Know About The Batman Villain

Matt ReevesThe Batman marked as a thrilling adaptation of the iconic DC superhero universe. It took the famed character into dark new realms and served itself up as more of a crime thriller in the vein of movies like Se7en. The film features a stellar cast, including Robert Pattinson as the titular hero, and a standout performance by Paul Dano as the nightmarish Riddler.

However, a certain character stole the show towards the end of the picture in a small yet crucial scene. Reeves teased a glimpse at The Joker in one of the film’s final moments. This, of course, left moviegoers beyond excited for what’s to come in the next installment. So, here’s everything you need to know about Barry Keoghan, the latest actor to play The Joker.

Who Is Barry Keoghan?

Barry Keoghan in Calm With Horses

Barry Keoghan is a well-rounded Irish actor who has made a name for himself both domestically and internationally. Born in Dublin in 1992, Keoghan grew up in the north side of the city and developed an interest in acting from a young age. He got his start in the industry in the late 2000s, appearing in a number of short films before transitioning to feature-length movies. Since then, he has starred in some of the most critically acclaimed films of recent years, including Dunkirk, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and Eternals. Known for his intense, brooding performances, Keoghan is one of the most exciting actors working in cinema today.

Why Barry Keoghan’s Small Role in The Batman Was So Important

Barry Keoghan in The Batman

Barry Keoghan’s biggest scene in The Batman was actually removed from the final cut of the film, though he did still feature in a small scene towards the end of the movie. It was the cut scene that revealed that Keoghan was in fact embodying The Joker. Keoghan was credited in The Batman as “Unseen Arkham Prisoner”. This was because he was only shown through a small glass window as he talks to The Riddler. Nevertheless, it was clear Keoghan was portraying The Joker as soon as he delivered the eminent sinister laugh.

Luckily for Batman fanatics, the deleted scene was released by Warner Bros. on their official YouTube channel. The scene was equipped with a commentary from Matt Reeves, and he confirmed that Keoghan was in fact, The Joker. Although he was only seen through an out-of-focus shot through a thick glass window, Keoghan embodied the character masterfully. With a scarred face, the iconic green hair, and an eerie menacing demeanor, Keoghan cemented himself as the next Joker.

Will Barry Keoghan Return As The Joker in The Batman 2?

The Joker and Batman

As of 2023, there has been no official announcement if The Joker will feature as a villain in The Batman 2. However, Barry Keoghan has dropped many hints that he may be reprising the iconic role. He has even stated that he is preparing for the part. When speaking with Josh Horowitz on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Keoghan said: “Obviously I’d love another crack. I’ve got a ton of back work done on him. If an opportunity does arise but, you know, they make the call, and I’ve got to respect that.” 

So, it goes without saying that he is more than willing to step into the famed character’s shoes for a fully-fledged rendition. On top of this, he has already demonstrated his proactive approach to landing parts. When The Batman was in pre-production, Keoghan sent an unsolicited audition tape for the part of Riddler. While this role ultimately went to Paul Dano, it still impressed Matt Reeves nonetheless. As a result, Keoghan was cast as The Joker.

So, with Keoghan stealing the show with such little screen time, it’s highly possible that Reeves will give them the chance to shine in a supporting role in the sequel. Since the release of The Batman, Keoghan has showcased his immense talent in The Banshees of Inisherin. His nuanced portrayal of a small-town island boy received heaps of praise. He was nominated for an Academy Award in 2023 for his dramatic turn, and his since been regarded as a rising star of his generation.

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