Robert Pattinson’s Paycheck For The Batman May Surprise You

Robert Pattinson’s Paycheck For The Batman May Surprise You

Robert Pattinson’s Paycheck For The Batman May Surprise You

Realizing that we live in a world where a $3 million dollar paycheck can be considered a low bar is kind of depressing, to be honest since this is apparently what Robert Pattinson is getting paid for his role as the titular hero in The Batman. While other stars are making $20 million or at least twice if not more than what Pattinson is getting for his role as the dark knight, people need to remember that the man is still as of yet unproven when it comes to action movies, at least in the role of the leading man since for many, the Twilight years are still hanging over Pattinson like a cloud bank that has yet to dissipate, and The Batman could easily make or break him depending on how it does upon release. The idea that he’s being paid so little for this role is something that might have a lot of people bound up in knots trying to figure it out, but for a lot of us that might think that actors make a little too much, it’s kind of amusing.

The reason for this is that while $3 million is a small amount apparently in Hollywood or at least a moderate amount, it’s miles above what most people make that are bound to go watch this movie when it comes out, which means anyone crossing their eyes trying to figure it out really needs to remind themselves of the other revenue streams that Pattinson will likely be depending on as well, with merchandising being just one of them. There’s also the possibility that the movie will do so well that it will be worth the sequels that are already being planned and any other spinoff that might come along. So a moment to wonder why Pattinson is getting paid such a ‘low’ amount for his role is a moment that’s wasted since like it or not, the guy is a star that has a chance to become an even bigger star if this movie goes the way that people are hoping it will.

It’s quite likely that a lot of people will have an opinion on this and that those opinions will range from the idea that actors are overpaid to the discussion that Pattinson is getting hosed for this role and everything in between. The point needs to keep being made that Pattinson hasn’t really been an action star for that long and some folks might not even consider him to be one now since he hasn’t really put in a lot of work when it comes to action movies when compared to those that have taken on the mantle of Batman before him. Pattinson still has a lot to prove when it comes to portraying the dark knight and it’s very likely that a lot of people won’t be entirely convinced until they get to see the movie whether he’s right for the role or not. Quite a few fans will already claim that of course, he’s right for it since he’s a good enough actor to take on the part and make it work. But that kind of testimonial, no matter how good it might be in other cases, isn’t as solid as it should be in this instance.

There’s nothing to say that he won’t be any good at all since Pattinson is, admittedly, a good actor, but this is new territory for him and a lot of folks are hoping that he’s left at least a good portion of the angst-ridden vampire behind as well as any other act that he’s been known for in the past. This is Batman and Bruce Wayne after all, and yes, there’s bound to be a need for a dark and depressing mood since it goes with the character, but the whole idea of it is still something that apparently warrants a paycheck that’s far beneath what a lot of people might think is standard these days. Perhaps for the sequel, Pattinson will see his price go up, and for the movie after that as well. It’s something that waits to be seen since the whole idea behind actors making such ridiculous amounts of money is that their star power makes them worth it.

Pattinson does have that star power, but not for any movie that rates as high on the fan scale as Batman, since even Twilight, with the vast legion of fans it’s created, could claim the sustainability of Batman’s numbers given that Twilight was a flash in the pan compared to the dark knight. This role is bound to make Pattinson an even bigger star if he’s able to pull it off and at that point, his worth will go up more than a little, and a $3 million dollar paycheck will be a thing of the past.

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