Robert Pattinson Admits How Weird and Disgusting Twilight Really Is

Robert Pattinson Admits How Weird and Disgusting Twilight Really Is

Robert Pattinson Admits How Weird and Disgusting Twilight Really Is

There are a few ways in which Twilight is pretty disgusting and even beyond weird into utterly disturbing, and eating placenta, as mentioned by Jon Fuge of MovieWeb, is one that I’ll gladly stay away from since it’s just a little too much to think about at the moment. But it’s easy enough to go on and on about other subjects that are present throughout the movies, as for some the whole idea of vampires acting like angst-ridden teenagers is beyond weird considering that one might assume that after being alive for so long it’s evident that their bodies would no longer change, but surely they would mature a bit. Speaking ill of the Twilight series at one time would have been dangerous enough for many who might have feared that roving packs of teenage girls might descend on them at any moment and give them a good earful of just how they didn’t understand the story, of how they were ignorant to the timeless love that was being shared and on and on and on. There are pretty much a few different ways to enjoy vampires. One is to enjoy the mystery and allure of them that has been built up by various legends, while another is to enjoy the utter carnage that the worst among them are seen to cause. Then there’s the Twilight way. If you have to ask what that is then you might have been spared from seeing the movies, and are all the better for it.

First of all let’s think about how a 100+-year old vampire falls for a teenage girl and try not to cringe at the mere thought. It’s considered creepy by a lot of people if a guy in his 30s finds an 18-year old attractive in an amorous manner, no matter that she’s of legal age. But a creature that’s been alive longer than Bella’s parents and grandparents having a serious crush on her is kind of, awkward. It could be argued that Edward still looks as though he’s a teenager, so no one would bother saying anything, but once it’s discovered just how old he is, how could a lot of people not raise an eyebrow? On top of that, how long have the Cullen’s been in Forks at the point we see them in the movie? And on top of that, how in the world weren’t the Cullen’s exposed in Forks, Washington of all places? Sure, it’s rainy and dreary like a good part of the Pacific Northwest closer to the coastline, but the sun does still shine on occasion and rays do poke through the clouds. It’d be hard to explain just how they never went all sparkly just once.

Noelle Devoe of Seventeen brings up another good but creepy point. How in the world did Edward get Bella pregnant?? Given that apparently all fluids in a vampire’s body turn into venom upon their conversion it’s more likely that Edward would have up and killed Bella upon, well, you know, doing the deed with her. She was still human then, remember? If venom is all a vampire carries then it’s far more likely that he would have signed her death warrant the moment they finished each other off, unless there’s something in Bella’s lineage that makes her somewhat resistant to vampire venom. Come on Twilight ex machina, explain that one. The whole sparkly vampire thing was irritating enough, but trying to write a version of a creature that is notorious for being bloodthirsty and unholy enough that direct sunlight causes them to burn to a cinder so that it’s seen as a reluctant killer with diamond-like skin is definitely something people weren’t expecting, and are still talking about.

Next on the list is one of the more disturbing elements of the movies, largely because of what it means and because a lot of people didn’t see a problem with it when the moment came to reveal it. Jacob imprinting on Edward and Bella’s daughter was somehow seen as an okay, natural thing because of the extenuating circumstances, but yeah, it’s still something that makes a lot of people cringe even now just thinking about it. Love Kimberly of The Talko goes into more details about other plot holes, but this is just enough to talk about at the moment, as Jacob imprinting on an infant is something that carries a lot of implications that people somehow just turned a blind eye to. Think about this, he would have to watch her grow, have to wait for her to develop into an adult to really have a life with her, and through all that we have to think that these two are meant to be together. In the real world that would be enough to get a person locked up, but in a fantasy story, well, things happen for reasons I suppose.

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