It Sounds Like Zack Snyder is Ready to Go with ‘Army of the Dead 2’

It kind of feels that since he’s no longer filming for DC, at least for now, that Zack Snyder is getting ambitious since he’s starting to break out projects that he’s been sitting on for a while, and while Army of the Dead 2 is a very anticipated movie by Snyder and many fans, it’s likely that it might have to wait a bit. There are spinoffs and a prequel titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, that will explore the earliest days of the breakout, and will feature a stellar cast that will bring the project to life. But the idea of a sequel is something that a lot of people are more interested in since, spoilers ahead, the end of Army of the Dead left a pretty big opening for another outbreak that can be even bigger than Las Vegas and bring back a favorite character in Vanderohe, who was seen to be bitten at the end of the movie.

The fact that he was getting woozy indicates that he was about to turn, which was amazing considering that he’d somehow walked through a city that had just been nuked, without burning to a crisp or dying from radiation poisoning. What’s that term that some directors love since it allows them to get away with so much? Oh yeah, suspension of disbelief. Admittedly, it does work since it allows people, if they’re willing, to focus only on the story and not worry too much about the inconsistencies, plot holes, and other ridiculous happenings that occur during many movies. There is an interesting question to think about though, and it’s whether Vanderohe was bitten by an alpha, which means that he’ll end up becoming an undead badass that might retain some of his skills and intelligence, or if he’ll become a shambler, just biting and clawing at anything that’s in his path. You can bet that Snyder would rather turn him into another alpha just because of who his character is. 

However it happens, it does sound as though the very earliest that filming could begin if all goes well, would be late 2021, which isn’t too bad really. But if things go the way that Snyder is expecting, or hoping they will, then it could be 2023 until we get to see Army of the Dead 2. The interesting part though is that since Vanderohe was headed to Mexico, it could be that a zombie outbreak will be handled in a manner that might cause a lot of people to laugh aloud and some to feel their blood boil just to hear the words since WALL would definitely be something that might come up during such a movie, and it wouldn’t be surprising at all for Snyder to put the idea in there since it does make a lot of sense and it is something that would get a reaction and play into the movie in a big way.

But since the alpha in the first movie took over Las Vegas, one has to wonder what Vanderohe would do as an alpha, which is the popular assumption since seeing him as a shambler might feel like kind of a waste. The fact that there are alphas and shamblers in Snyder’s movie is beyond insane, but it does offer some variety. The inclusion of zombie robots though was something that many people couldn’t figure out since one would think that robots of any sort would be immune to a biological virus. But hey, suspension of disbelief, so moving on. It does sound as though the Army of the Dead is going to stretch as far as Snyder can take it, as fans are rallying around it and wanting to see more. Snyder has his stride back obviously as he’s now free to do what he wants and is reveling in the ideas that he’s bringing forward. 

Whatever might have happened at DC, he’s shaking it off and going forward with such fervor that it’s fair to say that Army of the Dead could spawn its own universe at some point. It might be worth a groan, a shake of the head, and an eye roll to announce the Snyderverse in another manner since a lot of DC fans had their hearts set on keeping Snyder with DC, but it does appear that he’s happier doing his own thing than being bound to a pre-set story. Army of the Dead 2 is no doubt going to be far more widespread in its effect and could be a little more difficult to film unless of course, he focuses on a target area where the zombies could congregate, or are forced to congregate. There are a few different possibilities that could come to fruition with this story, and one guarantee is that fans will be watching carefully to see what’s happening every step of the way. 

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