Words Of Wisdom From Bill Murray’s Best Movie Characters

They might not all be words of wisdom but Bill Murray’s best movie characters are still undeniably wise beyond their screen time. No matter what role he’s taking on he has something awesome and awe-inspiring to say and by God he’s going to say it if he has to ad-lib it or not. The man is simply a bundle of energy-laced one-liners and zingers waiting to be unleashed on the first person he opens his mouth in front of, allowing the silver-tongued funny-man to let fly whatever crazed and nonsensical wisdom comes from the place where his comedy is manufactured while adding an indistinct layer of madness to pleasingly coat every last syllable that makes its way to tongue. He’s a genius when it comes to comedy in other words.

You did catch that I hope.

Big Ern was a jerk, but he was a seasoned, veteran jerk that knew how to rattle his opponent.

“I have to laugh….”

No one, NO ONE, should ever love going to the dentist this much.

Bill Murray at one of his most cynical moments, priceless.

Keep in mind this was pre-Bobbitt era, when giving a woman a set of knives wasn’t a cause for concern.

Simple, to the point, Bill.

This is a classic, plain and simple.

He has a way with words doesn’t he?

Mystery enough for many people.

It’s an occupational hazard it would seem.

Priorities people, priorities.

You’re almost tempted to know what he means aren’t you?

There’s nothing like almost being thrown off a building to get your hackles up.

How many people has Neil Diamond broken up without knowing about it?

It’s a little easier to cry on the inside with a bag full of cash in hand.

Sounds a little mushy, especially if you’re left up a certain creek by Big Ern.

Venkman was always the guy that never knew how to say die. Well he’d say it, just didn’t believe in it.

You’d think a guy would learn that on the schoolyard, one way or another.

Advantage: Gopher.

Honestly when was the last time you heard someone say this?

Give Venkman this much, he had a lot of pride in his town.

See? Bill Murray is a guy from which wisdom just comes pouring like a river on tap. It’d be nice to see some of the things he said from other films such as St. Vincent and even Zombieland, since there are a few gems in there as well. His wisdom is the kind of stuff that you might learn on the street or you might learn simply talking to someone who can’t stand you long enough consider you much of anything other than an annoyance. But sure as the sun rises in the east he’ll say it and leave you staring at him as he walks away, confident that what he said will likely sink in eventually and probably change your mind in a very fundamental way.

That’s just the wisdom of Bill Murray.

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