Taylor Swift is Joining David O. Russell’s Next Movie

Taylor Swift is Joining David O. Russell’s Next Movie

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So what we know about this upcoming movie that will be directed by David O. Russell is that Taylor Swift will be joining an ensemble cast with plenty of A-list names around her and that it will have something to do with a doctor and a lawyer forming an unlikely partnership. That’s amazing to think that people are going to get pumped about this since there’s really not much to tell save for the fact that more famous names are getting together for a big project. At the risk of being a little bit rude though it’s likely that Swift will luck out with this cast since as it’s been seen her own acting talent is still on the rise and hasn’t really been tested in a manner that would allow many people to say whether she’s that good or that bad. If anyone is going to bother using Cats as a reference, well, that’s a little pointless really since the entire movie was a mess.

But while some folks might praise Russell for his movies, since they do tend to get a pretty good amount of attention, others might wonder what in the world people see in the stuff he puts out, which is pretty standard when one thinks about Hollywood and the fact that it caters to a wide range of tastes when it comes to movies. Russell might not be the favorite director of a lot of people but he’s pleased plenty of audience members to date since quite a few people happen to think that his projects are well-written, well-performed, and overall the type of material that people can rightfully say is effective. In reality, he’s another director with a distinct style that’s able to convince people that what he’s doing is different and therefore worth the attention, kind of like anyone else in this business.

In the meantime, Taylor Swift has been riding her own fame over the years by being the wholesome ‘good’ girl that puts out fun pop songs that people can groove to and sounding like the type of woman that any young man would love to bring home to meet his parents. But her shift to the bad girl phase was definitely humorous since she’s not exactly believable when it comes to being a bad girl, any more than she’s believable when it came to her role in The Man video that essentially reminds people that she’s a bit judgmental despite being seen as the good girl of the music world. But to be certain, people aren’t turning their backs on her any time soon since Swift has somehow managed to maintain her reputation throughout all of her performances, and when one has a great PR team and a legion of fans behind it’s possible to do just about anything and get away with it. But in an ensemble cast, she also has a huge cushion since there are plenty of talented and experienced actors that can help to bolster her act if she falters a bit, and while it’s very possible that she won’t, it’s still kind of expected that there might be times when she’s less than convincing simply because she hasn’t been acting all that long, and might still need a bit of guidance from time to time.

It’s kind of awkward writing about a movie without knowing that much about it, but what little that’s been revealed kind of indicates that it will be grounded in reality, at least in some part, unlike the last movie that Swift took place in. At this point, it’s still hard to think that anyone out there might not think that Cats was more of a horrific attempt to bring a Broadway classic to life on the big screen, but of course, everyone has an opinion and we’re all entitled to them. Stating that this was a failure on Taylor’s part would be a mistake since it was a group effort to bring this thing out and while she was a part of it she certainly wasn’t the reason that it came crashing down the way it did. But being put into another ensemble cast makes it apparent that at this time Taylor isn’t really that confident about heading into a movie on her own as a lead or supporting actress. I could be wrong about that, but at this time it’s fair to say that a lot of musicians have made an attempt to be a star, so perhaps she has a different plan in place and isn’t trying to go for the lead or is working her way up to that spot. It’s even possible to think that she’s simply enjoying what she can of both the music and movie industries and trying to get too deeply involved as an actress. Who knows?

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