Why Stallone Needs To Kill Off Barney Ross In The Expendables 4

Why Stallone Needs To Kill Off Barney Ross In The Expendables 4
Why Stallone Needs To Kill Off Barney Ross In The Expendables 4

The Expendables 4 could very well be Sylvester Stallone’s final outing as the tough-as-nails mercenary, Barney Ross. After creating the character in 2010, Stallone has reprised the role three times and is set to come back again for the fourth installment. The Expendables 4 will see the tight-knit group of mercenaries come up against a ruthless arms dealer who summons the might of an entire army to defeat them.

As with any other entry into the famed action franchise, The Expendables 4 will see a bunch of new faces including Megan Fox, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, and Andy Garcia. While Sylvester Stallone has always been the main face of the franchise, this time around he has taken final billing on the film’s roster, and Jason Statham is set to lead the cast. This sparks the question as to whether Stallone’s Barney Ross will die in the movie, and also leaves the future of the franchise hanging in the balance.

The Expendables 4 Could Set Up A Spin Off Based On Barney’s Death

The Expendables 3

With Stallone taking last billing in The Expendables 4, this likely means he has the least screen time in the movie, leaving action movie fanatics to speculate that Barney Ross might die in the movie. If this is the case, the plot will likely focus on a revenge mission of some kind. However, if Barney makes it to the end of the picture, his death could spur a sequel or spin-off of sorts.

The power of streaming these days grants any franchise the opportunity to live as long as it wants through other means like limited series. If Stallone decides to step away from the action world in The Expendables 4, a spin-off could still ensue with Jason Statham continuing to carry the torch. Stallone is always writing and holds his creations close to heart, so it’s highly possible that he won’t want to bid farewell to the franchise completely.

It’s Time For Stallone To Enter The Eastwood Phase Of His Career

Stallone Directing

Across his storied career, Sylvester Stallone has cemented himself as a talented filmmaker as well as an actor. He first stepped behind the camera in 1978 when he directed the wrestling drama, Paradise Alley. He then went on to direct Rocky II the following year, a career move that set him up to helm a further three Rocky movies thereafter.

The Oscar-nominated superstar has pushed his massive action-hero ego further than most stars ever do, and he certainly shows no signs of slowing down. However, harboring such a creative mind and possessing a wealth of ideas, it’s time for Stallone to step into the “Eastwood” phase of his career. Much like Stallone, Clint Eastwood ventured behind the camera for the later part of his career and has stayed there for the most part.

Stallone has detailed many passion projects over the years – namely an Edgar Allen Poe feature that he has been writing for 50 years. He has also just landed a deal with Amazon Prime where he is slated to write, produce, and direct a number of movies. So, if Stallone bids farewell to his action star prowess with The Expendables 4, cinema can still be gifted with potentially his greatest work yet as a director.

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