The Keep is Getting a Remake

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The 80s stills stand out as a unique decade for movies since everything from comedy to horror ended up being kind of goofy, and at times a bit cringe-worthy, but the movies were memorable in a lot of ways as well. It’s fair to say that all but the most astute horror buffs wouldn’t remember The Keep, as it is a 1983 horror movie that didn’t fair well with the critics but did fairly well when all was said and done. The cast boasts likely would have been far more respected today than it was back then since the fact that Gabriel Byrne, Scott Glenn, Jurgen Prochnow, Ian McKellan, and several other notable individuals were seen in this movie are well-respected names in this day and age that have earned their acclaim and are easily recognized by quite a few individuals. This movie was one that, upon reading the synopsis, had a lot of promise but might not have emerged at the right time. The simple premise apparently wasn’t bolstered by the effects, which back in the 80s were still exceedingly simple by today’s standards. But as of now, it would appear that this movie will be making a comeback as the desire to give it an update. 

Credit: The Keep

The casting should be interesting. 

It would be interesting to see at least one or two of the original actors return to the remake, but there’s no telling if that’s the plan or if they would want to return in the first place. After all, it’s been nearly four decades since they starred in this movie, and most, if not all of them, might give it a second thought but refuse the chance in any case. After all, the men and women that starred in this movie back then are now getting on in years if they’re still around. A cameo or two might be kind of interesting, but unless they were contacted and had a vested interest in this remake, it’s not tough to think that they would decline or, at the very least, take a brief cameo and be done quickly and quietly. 

Overall, the story could be made a little more compelling. 

There is a story here that could be very compelling if it’s updated just a little bit in terms of the effects and the dialogue. As far as the story, it might need a few tweaks, but sticking to the general story does appear to be a good idea since this type of horror movie is still popular, and the era in which it’s set could still be seen as an effective element that could capture the attention of the audience. Remaking old stories such as this can go sideways very quickly if the source material isn’t used to the greatest extent, but there are a few arguments as to why it might be wise to stick to the original idea and why it might be necessary to adjust things in order to tell a better story. It’s very likely that the story could have been ahead of its time, but seeing how the movie was considered to be a financial failure, the critics did the movie no favors by lambasting it as they did. 

Credit: The Keep

Evil vs. evil is an interesting concept since it’s tough to know who to root for sometimes. 

The fact that this movie used Nazis and an ancient evil as opponents is interesting since pitting antagonists against one another is a curious concept. Trying to figure out who to root for is easy enough for some people since choosing to root for the individual that is attacking the greatest evil tends to take precedence. The Keep is a movie of interest due to the idea that the spirit that is unleashed within the keep is not necessarily a hero, and it’s kind of obvious that that Nazis aren’t the heroes either, though some among them might at least have a tendency to be less brutal than their companions. The development that this story undergoes should be intriguing as it feels likely that it will be updated and adapted to appease a modern audience, which will no doubt change the character of the movie. 

It would be interesting if this movie took place in the same location. 

According to the information that is available regarding this movie, the set that was built on location was rather impressive since it utilized an old quarry. This could have contributed to the financial ruin that helped to keep this movie down since the costs of building something like this set could come with a huge price tag. How this remake will be accomplished and what it will end up looking like are giant question marks at this moment that one can’t help but think will be troubling hurdles to deal with when the time comes, but the idea feels sound. 

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