When Classic Movie Scenes Get Ruined By Awful Sound Effects

When Classic Movie Scenes Get Ruined By Awful Sound Effects

I’ve said this a number of times and I’ll continue saying it.  Sound is unbelievably important in a movie.  While I don’t think it matches up to the big four of writing, directing, acting, and editing, there’s a second echelon of effects in a movie that have an unbelievable affect on the outcome.    I think actual sounds like effects, as well as the musical score are of the utmost importance in creating a tone for movie.  P.S. I think special effects and cinematography are in this second echelon too.

Anyway, without the right sounds a movie would appear completely ridiculous.  Not just music, but also when dubbing is involved.  How do you think they made those crazy sounds for dinosaurs in Jurassic Park?  Well, what if you went the complete opposite way? With each post Instagram use Bad Foley derails intense, emotional film scenes with wildly inappropriate sounds that make a mockery out of the action unfolding.

It’s incredibly funny.  Check out four such scenes below.  You should be able to recognize them.

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