Who Are the Top Cast of “Avatar: The Way of Water?”

Two names that scream success in Hollywood would have to be James Cameron and his highly successful 2009 film, Avatar. If for any reason, you’re not familiar with Cameron’s name, his movies always speak loudly. Some of his works include the 1982’s Piranha II: The Spawning, 1984’s The Terminator and its movie series, 1986’s Aliens, and 1997’s Titanic.

With the first Avatar movie making $2.924 billion at the box office, expectations are high on what to expect with Avatar: The Way of Water. After several release delays and pushbacks, the movie has been slated for release on December 16, 2022.

From the movie’s trailer, its storyline is set in a time that’s over a decade from the end of the first Avatar movie. Married and together, the story will revolve around Jake Sully and Neytiri’s family. With all the battles and tragedies the Sully family will encounter, they must fight together to keep each other from harm’s way.

Most of the top cast from the first movie will reprise their roles. However, there have also been announcements that new cast members would be introduced. In addition, the movie has received the go-ahead for three sequels. But to help refresh our memories and know what to expect, these are the cast of Avatar: The Way of Water.

Sam Worthington (Jake Sully)

Jake Sully

Credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

Sam Worthington steps into the shoes of Jake Sully once more. We saw Jake Sully choose the side of the Na’vi against his kind. Although the Avatar Program was his entry into that world, he met and fell in love with Neytiri. Now fully a Na’vi, expect to see him protect his family and new race by any means necessary.

Zoe Saldaña (Neytiri)


Credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

Zoë Saldaña reprises her role as Neytiri. She’s no longer just a love interest of Jake but now his wife. She was the daughter of the leader of their Na’vi clan, the Omaticaya. She’s also the daughter of Mo’at.

Sigourney Weaver (Kiri)


Credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

Sigourney Weaver is not new to the Avatar cast but would be playing a different role from what she played in the first film. Weaver played Dr. Grace Augustine, part of the scientists in the Avatar Program. Although a human, she also takes sides with the Na’vi. However, Dr. Augustine dies in the first film.

Weaver will take on a new role as Kiri. After the battle with the humans in the first film, Jake and Neytiri adopt Kiri as their daughter. Although Weaver would be seen as a Na’vi, you can still catch her voice from the new character.

Stephen Lang (Colonel Miles Quaritch)

Colonel Miles Quaritch

Credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

What’s a storyline without the main antagonist? So James Cameron decides to add an antagonist, but one with a seething vengeance. Stephen Lang would reprise his role in the first film and seek revenge by hunting Jake and his family.

Lang’s character, Colonel Miles Quaritch, dies in the first film. But as an epic science fiction movie, Cameron played around with ideas to revive him. As a result, Colonel Miles Quaritch comes alive as a Na’vi but with memories of a human soldier. Exciting times are ahead!

Jack Champion (Javier “Spider” Socorro)


Credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

Jack Champion is a new addition to the movie’s cast. He’ll play the character of Javier in this movie. Javier, fondly called Spider, is the adopted teenage son of Jake Sully and Neytiri. But, unlike Kiri, he’s not a Na’vi. Instead, Javier was born on Hell’s Gate and gladly chose to be with the Sullys in the Pandoran forest.

CCH Pounder (Mo’at)


Credit: Avatar

CCH Pounder reprises her role as Mo’at. She’s Neytiri’s mother and the spiritual leader of the Omaticaya. She brings her wisdom and insight to help the Sully family through their battles.

Kate Winslet (Ronal)


Credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

Kate Winslet joins the cast of the Avatar movie series as Ronal. While not much is said about the character, Winslet gives clues in one of her interviews as playing a small, pivotal role. Ronal is the wife of Tonowari and a free diver of the Metkayina clan.

Oona Chaplin (Varang)

Oona Chaplin

Credit: @oonacc

Oona Chaplin would not be a new face on TV screens if you followed Game of Thrones closely. She played the character of Talisa Stark for 11 episodes of the popular series.

Although not much is known about her character in this new Avatar movie, she plays the role of Varang. The character is also expected to feature in the rest of the movie’s sequels.


Other notable additions to the cast are CJ Jones and Vin Diesel. However, there has been no official statement on both actors’ exact roles in the movie.

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