The Five Best Zoe Saldana Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Zoe Saldana Movies of Her Career

At one point in her early years Zoe Saldana was quite interested in ballet and became rather good. But eventually she found her way out of it since she had far more ambition than to remain a dancer and found herself appearing in theater and then on TV. Since then she’s been kind of a huge success since she’s taken on roles that might at times seem kind of subdued depending on the movie she’s in but are still important and are still subjected to her no-nonsense way of doing things. She does bring a kind of exotic attitude to a movie that is great to see since seeing her means that something is typically going to occur that requires her sometimes volatile talents or a calm and composed manner that is followed by something that’s just flat out impressive. She’s the kind of person that has a few different acts, but they’re always convincing no matter what she’s in.

Here are a few of her best movies.

5. The Terminal

It’s hard to imagine that a country can be overthrown in the time it takes a plane to cross from one continent to another, but apparently this is what happens in this movie since Victor becomes a resident of nowhere mid-flight and is stuck in the airport for an undetermined amount of time until the political status of his country is figured out, which will allow his passport to be returned and his citizenship to be decided. Watching this guy do his best to survive in the airport terminal is something that becomes amusing as well as tragic since you can only imagine just how desperate this would make a person. And all the while Homeland security is just waiting for him to make a break for it so they can pawn him off on someone else.

4. The Losers

When a group of military specialists are betrayed and presumed dead they understandably want their chance at payback, and Saldana’s character is the person that’s primed and ready to give it to them as she facilitates a way to get back at the person that betrayed them and gain a measure of revenge. The only problem is that she’s got her own agenda and is just as dangerous as any of the men that they’re off to kill, meaning that the Losers have to watch their backs as well as their fronts, just in case she decides to get any ideas about double-crossing them near the finish line.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamorra is one of those characters that comic book-lovers will no doubt look at and give a low whistle since in the comics she’s able to fight Thanos on pretty even ground until the titan unleashes his real power. But all in all she’s labeled the most dangerous woman in the universe for a reason since she can take on just about anyone that’s at her level or even a level or two above her and have reason to think that she’ll come out alive. In the movie it seems that she’s been dialed down a bit and isn’t nearly as violent, but then again since being taken over by Disney the MCU has had to put the kid gloves on more than once.

2. Star Trek

It could have been that someone in the back office thought that Star Trek was starting to stagnate with films like Nemesis, but the overall feeling of changing up the game was something that managed to create a divide between fans of the movies since it quite simply went back in time and created a massive shake-up that created a butterfly effect that would eventually switch up the entire landscape of the Star Trek series. Those that are all for it could say that things were shaken up with the best intentions, but in truth it was likely a way to grab at another big run for Star Trek so that it could continue without letting go of any key characters or falling away from the core crew.

1. Avatar

Pandora is a place where you have to be strong to survive, and have to learn to live with the nature around you, rather than continually subjugate it. Jake Sully finds this out the hard way as his avatar is lost after a run-in with a native predator that sends him fleeing into the forests of Pandora where he’s almost killed by a pack of dog-like creatures before being saved by a female warrior that shows little but contempt for him at first. Eventually however he becomes the warrior that was prophesied to her people and unites them in a way that few have ever done, all while seeking to rid Pandora of the human influence that’s been defiling it.

Zoe Saldana has starred in some truly powerful movies.Avatar

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