Five Movies You Totally Forgot Robin Williams was In

Five Movies You Totally Forgot Robin Williams was In

Five Movies You Totally Forgot Robin Williams was In

It’s hard to believe that anyone could forget any movie that Robin Williams was ever in since quite honestly the man was an amazing actor. He had such a great reputation for being funny but he could also perform drama unlike anyone else. His comedic roles however tended to overshadow his more dramatic ones as people began to expect him to be funny all the time. The sad part about it was that inside he wasn’t always feeling as humorous as people would have thought. Yet he wore a smile on the outside to hide that fact quite often.

He was perhaps one of the bravest men around, but even brave men have their weaknesses.

5. Moscow on the Hudson

After defecting from Russia to come to America Vladimir finds it increasingly difficult to adjust to American life since he knows very little English and has trouble holding down a job. However as the story goes on he begins to realize that being free and in America is more of a blessing than he initially realized, and as he accepts his lot in life things begin to get better. Eventually finds that he can live in America and even enjoy himself.

4. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

This movie is a whole big batch of crazy tall tales told by the Baron as he goes into great detail about the story of his life and how he narrowly escaped the Angel of Death multiple times. Robin Williams plays the King of the Moon and does so with just as much zeal as you’d expect, though quite honestly this was one of the many movies that just seems to go for broke and doesn’t bother slowing down to explain itself.

3. The Big White

Williams played a man that was just about as down on his luck as could be. His business was failing, his finances were next to nothing, and his wife was suffering as she seemed to be cracking up a little worse every day. When he comes across a dead body that he tries to pass off as his brother however he opens up a whole new can of worms as the insurance agents that try to disprove his claims and the killer that are really responsible for the body begin to close in on him, and a surprise entrant into this crazy game eventually makes himself known.

2. Insomnia

Some people seem capable of killing another human being and not blinking. It’s a cold, calculating way to live and one that very few people could ever do with any real ability. But in this film Williams takes control of a situation in which he, as the cold-blooded killer, plays the cops of a small Alaskan town like a fiddle. The only way he’s bound to be stopped is when two detectives are brought in from the outside to take him down.

1. Club Paradise

Everyone want to just get away sometimes, so why not head on over to Club Paradise? It’s not a five-star hotel or anything but it does offer a lot of pleasant amenities such as surf, sand, and sun. That seems to be all anyone needs to have a good time, at least until someone tries to throw a wrench in the works.

Robin Williams is still greatly missed. He was an actor unlike any other.

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