The Twilight Saga Films Ranked

The Twilight Saga Films Ranked
The Twilight Saga Films Ranked

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On June 2, 2003, a young woman by the name of Stephenie Meyer had a dream. She was 30 years old. She’d been married for nine years. She was a graduate of Brigham Young University, and she was raised in the Mormon church. She thought of going to law school, but giving birth to the first of her three sons in 1997 made her realize that being a mom is what she wanted in life. In the back of her mind, however, she wanted to write. She had no experience as an author. She had no idea what to write.

When she dreamed of a human woman and a vampire falling madly in love on June 2, 2003, she began writing. It’s where the Twilight Saga was born. Of course, Stephenie Meyer’s journey from dream to writing four bestselling books to over 100 million people worldwide to a huge box office hit was not overnight – and we are here to rank the Twilight saga from worst to best.

The Books

Before we get into the Twilight saga movies from worst to best, it’s important to throw a few facts out there for you. Meyer wrote four books.

  • Twilight
  • New Moon
  • Eclipse
  • Breaking Dawn

The four books were then turned into five movies with Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. The Twilight Saga movies are listed from worst to best, from five to one.

The Twilight Saga Films Ranked

Credit: @twilight

5. Breaking Dawn Part 1

It’s almost comical that the first part of the last book – the book that should be the most exciting, adventurous, and compelling- was the worst movie of all. Critics found it slow and humorless, and they were not wrong. Two-part sequels are known to be slow and boring as they ramp up to the most exciting ending, and this movie did not deviate from that opinion.

4. New Moon

Of all the books, New Moon was, perhaps, the least exciting. This book did not feature any of the romance between Bella and Edward as Edward was gone. Bella spends her time hanging out with Jacob, and she immerses herself in the world of werewolves. However, she’s clearly depressed, unhappy, and she’s reckless, and the book and movie both missed the memo pertaining to the fact that this series only works because of the romance between a vampire and a human.

3. Eclipse

With the addition of Bryce Dallas Howard, this movie ramped up a bit as Bella is being stalked by vampires out to kill her. The entire cast does a lot more in this one, but the movie still doesn’t quite make it to the top of the list. It’s good, but it’s not as good as the first or the last. It sits right in the middle of the line in terms of being the 3rd of five movies and the middle book in the series. It’s got a permanent place in the middle, but it’s significantly better than the second movie.

2. Breaking Dawn Part 2

It’s the end. It seems that no one will survive this. There is so much anticipation and so much drama, but how will it all work out? It was a good book, and it was a good second finale. The last movie is not the best of the bunch, but it is close. Seeing how it all plays out and how it all works with Bella and her new baby, her husband, and the life they choose to live together is something that no one saw coming, but it works. The movie was well made, it was cast perfectly, and the acting done by young Dakota Fanning was actually phenomenal. She brought it, and she was impressive.

The Twilight Saga Films Ranked

Credit: @twilight

1. Twilight

The first book was the best book. The first movie was the best movie. It is not difficult. It’s the most exciting. The movie just worked, and fans loved it. This movie was so good – despite the fact that many, many people were unsure of Kristen Stewart’s casting as Bella Swan – that it brought about a number of new fans who had never read the books. The movie set the tone for the final four movies, and it set the tone for a billion-dollar movie franchise.

At the end of the day, a young mom had a dream. That dream planted a seed. That seed became an idea. That idea became the Twilight saga: four books that sold more than 100 million copies and five movies that brought in more than a billion dollars in revenue. All because a young mom had a dream, and she used that dream to her advantage.

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