Will We See Another Constantine Movie?

It will be kind of interesting to see if this ever happens, or if the fans will stand for it and embrace Keanu Reeves as Constantine again. Fans of the character weren’t entirely accepting of the character when this movie came out, and critics were quick to lambaste the movie as one of the least effective ways to bring Constantine to life. But over the years it’s been seen that the movie has gained a cult following. It’s also a question that since Constantine does belong to DC if Keanu might be up for integrating his character with the DC universe, as this wasn’t done with his movie back in the day. That might bring up a huge debate since the character has been seen on TV, where a lot of fans have come to embrace Constantine. Whether folks would want to stick with the TV version or see Reeves take on the role again is tough to say since a lot of people have come to accept the movie for what it is. There’s nothing to say that this version of Constantine would ever join the DC movies, but there’s also the chance that it could happen. 

It’s also uncertain what kind of story would be told since the first movie told a rather grand story of how the son of the devil was attempting to make his way into the world and needed someone special to do it, as well as the spear of destiny, the same spear that killed Jesus Christ. This was a rather big story to bust out with, but it did have enough of an impact that it made for a decent movie. But trying to top this would take something that would increase the effects and the need for great actors. Getting Peter Stormare and Rachel Weisz back would be great as well since they both played great roles in the initial movie, but it almost feels as though Weisz might not be brought back unless she had a serious desire to take up her role once again. 

The only thing about this is that if it does happen at all it might not happen for a while since it would appear that like a few other actors, Keanu is going to be short on time for a while as he’s been busy with other projects at this time. It also sounds as though he might be up for starring in the MCU if anyone has the idea to ask him. That would be kick and a half, to see Reeves show up in the MCU as either a hero or even a villain. Or perhaps he would show up as an antihero that wouldn’t work well with the heroes but would be a terror to the villains. That would be kind of keeping with his role of Constantine since the character he played wasn’t exactly the friendliest type, but this made the character a little easier to enjoy since he wasn’t the calm and kind type of individual that Reeves usually plays in the movies. A good number of his characters tend to be a little standoffish but at the same time are those that end up being able to open to other individuals at one point and time. 

Constantine was well aware of his own mortality and simply slogged through life without really taking much hope from anything while still doing his job as an individual that was tasked with something that many people knew about from Sunday school but didn’t really understand. The kicker is that the character did all this with the full knowledge that it might not put him back in the good graces of God since he’d already committed suicide when he was younger after spending years being able to see things that most people couldn’t, such as demons and angels that went about unnoticed by other human beings. That might be enough to drive someone to do something drastic. The end of the first movie kind of begs the question of what kind of life Constantine would be leading in a second movie, unless it happened to be a reboot since by the end of the movie all but a couple of his friends and allies had been killed in order to clear the board so to speak. 

It would be worth it to see Peter Stormare as the devil again since he played the character in a very fun and entertaining manner. But whether we’ll see it at all, or in the next decade, is kind of tough to state with any certainty. People like Constantine, so there’s no issue with seeing him on the screen, but it’s a matter of wondering if they’ll embrace Keanu in the role again and if the story will be good enough to follow up the first movie. 

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