Will We Ever Get to See a Constantine 2?

Well isn’t this interesting? Those that nearly tore the movie Constantine apart for not being what they wanted it to be when it came out are now clambering to get Keanu Reeves back in front of the camera to film a sequel or a possible crossover appearance. Funny how that works, since it’s the same thing that’s happened in the past even when people didn’t figure it would. Give it a little while and The Last Jedi might even get another look before people start admitting that they’d like to see more movies like it. Okay, maybe that’s taking things a bit too far, but it’s still amusing that a lot of the same people that were bound to trounce all over Constantine with their opinions are now wanting to see him back. Right now it does sound as though the movie might have a chance, but whether or not it’s going to Reeves is still in question. There isn’t even a direct certainty that the next movie could be a sequel, as crossovers appear to be what people are calling for at the moment. That could be an interesting prospect to be fair, but at the same time, one has to wonder just who Constantine would be appearing with and what it would mean for the DC universe.

The DC universe still feels like it needs a lot of fleshing out in a big way, but in a manner that could bring more cohesion to it since unlike the MCU, the DC universe has really been better off with singular movies rather than joint efforts. Why this is so has a lot of different explanations, but one of them is that it felt way too rushed once it happened, as the Marvel movies used post-credits to build up the suspense and the expectation. While it took a while to build, the MCU eventually gained enough ground to really top the DC universe in the movie theaters, while DC continued to thrive on the small screen. After Reeves’ movie, Constantine returned to the comics and animated series before being seen in live-action on TV. Some people liked this a lot better, some were indifferent, but after a while, Reeves’ version started looking better and better obviously. At the time it came out the movie was kind of a dud as some people would say, as the acting felt a little stiff and the story didn’t appear to flow quite as well. Peter Stormare was perfect as Lucifer, but one has to wonder just whether or not Stormare would come back for another movie if he was needed. Without knowing what another movie would be about its kind of tough to say just whether or not Lucifer would be needed.

Another Constantine movie could be what’s needed to invigorate the character once again, since to be truthful the first movie wasn’t entirely terrible and was good enough to warrant another, especially now that Constantine has a new lease on life thanks to his nemesis. It would also be nice to see an upper limit to his powers in another movie with a real test of what he can do and just how forceful he can really be. If a dying Constantine was able to take on demons and angels, obviously still being a bit outclassed in terms of strength and power, a healthy Constantine should hopefully be able to do much more and be even more impressive. Of course, without knowing too much about the character I won’t go into any more detail since like many people, what was seen on the screen was impressive enough for me to think that the character might be able to do a lot more. If Reeves does come back though it’s likely that it won’t be for a while since it’s too obvious that he’s been busy for a while now and he might actually need to take a breather. What with Bill & Ted Face the Music, CyberPunk, and The Matrix sequel, he’s likely getting a little bit fatigued at least and might need some time to just relax.

It’s kind of easy to wonder as to whether Gabriel would be back in the second movie, or if another angel or two would be involved for one reason or another. Adding angels into the mix is usually enough to spice up a movie like this since the intervention by heavenly hosts tends to be something that people will pay attention to. But again, without a plot or even the word that the movie is going to be made without a doubt, it’s tough to say what will happen. But I still find it amusing that people are wanting this, though I’ll gladly agree that it could be something that might be well received if it does get made.

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