The Top Five Dogs Chasing Humans Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Dogs Chasing Humans Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Dogs Chasing Humans Scenes in Movies

Humans being chased by dogs in a movie is something that could be terrifying or playful, just like in real life. It all kind of depends on the size of the dog and the situation and what kind of movie it is really that tells if you if there’s something to be scared about or if you can just laugh your butt off. Sometimes it’s both if the movie’s not that great, but at least offers up a couple of scenes that would put it in a list like this. In any case, the only time you should be chased by a dog is when you’re playing, or you’re a real life crook that deserves it.

Any other time might be a little worrisome.

5. Man’s Best Friend

I get the feeling that at lot of people won’t remember this movie at all since it didn’t exactly win a whole lot of awards. But when a dog is interbred not just with other dogs but is genetically modified using the genes of other animals it becomes a weapon that is meant to be used against the enemies of its creators. Unfortunately, as it usually happens, the dog gets loose and befriends a human woman since he’s a male, creepy I know, and either chases or kills, or both, everyone that ends up making him mad.

4. Up

There isn’t just one dog, it’s dogs, plural, and they’re chasing after an old man, a big bird, and a chubby kid, all of whom are connected by a line and connected to a floating house. And yet they’re still able to outrun the pack of dogs for a little while until they can finally cross a ravine and lose them for even longer. This movie is pretty good but the whole idea when you really sit back and look it might make you say “what?”.

3. Dances with Wolves

Remember that wolves are technically dogs as they do qualify as canines. But Two Socks is one of the more kindly wolves you might ever see in cinema since he seems bereft of his pack and willing to at least allow Dunbar to feed him. He takes a liking to the human after a while and its thanks to Two Socks that Dunbar gets his name from the tribe with whom he’s been speaking at that point.

2. Frozen

There’s nothing quite like the exhilarating feel of coursing along the winter wilds with a pack of hungry wolves stalking your every move. Well, at least it doesn’t seem like there would be anything like it I hope since that seems pretty terrifying when it’s in the dark and you have only a lantern for light. Wolves in the wilderness seem bad enough, but in the dark, when their eyesight is far superior, it might get a little hectic.

1. The Sandlot

This is by far one of the best chases ever since from the moment you hear the whip crack you know the race is on and Benny is going to be running for his life. Hercules is in quick pursuit however and quickly reminds him that a simple chain isn’t going to hold a dog his size for very long.

You’re killing me Smalls!

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