So Dennis Quaid Just Adopted a Cat Named Dennis Quaid

So Dennis Quaid Just Adopted a Cat Named Dennis Quaid

Actors do some odd things sometimes but now and again they do manage to do something that makes people go ‘awww’ such as adopting a cat that has the same name as they do. Okay, maybe that’s not such a good example since it doesn’t happen all the time, but apparently movie star Dennis Quaid is adopting a cat that is named…wait for it, Dennis Quaid. If that took you a moment to get don’t worry too much about it since it does make me wonder just what might happen once the cat’s brought to Dennis’s home and someone says ‘Hey Dennis!’. Of course, the cat might not even bother to look around since let’s face it, a person doesn’t own a cat, the cat owns them, more or less. But it’s still something that’s uplifting to hear amid all the other news out there since it’s a positive moment and something that should be enjoyed for as long as it can last. As as far as news stories go though one can imagine that it will be here for a little bit and then gone once the next bit of big and very negative news comes a-calling. But it’s good to enjoy the positive stuff when it comes around as long as possible since it’s a nice break from the otherwise depressing and somehow ‘noteworthy’ newscasts a lot of America is exposed to at times.

It is nice to see people adopting pets now and then however since a lot of pets, cats, dogs, and everything else, tend to go without families for a good deal of time, and there are those that aren’t able to be adopted by anyone for various reasons. Unfortunately, there are animals that are simply too far gone when it comes to the abuse they’ve suffered and the damage it’s done to them, and in some cases, they have to be euthanized since they’re not willing to trust anyone and are a danger to people and themselves most likely. It’s not a happy ending when this happens but the reasons that animals are euthanized are usually pretty severe since they’re either in pain, they’re simply too damaged from years of intense abuse, or they’re deemed too dangerous to be a part of society, which could also result from said abuse. This is a huge problem for many people, but at the very least there are very compassionate ways to put animals down since there’s no need to let their final moments be filled with terror. It’s still not a fun job for anyone to do since it’s the taking of a life that under better circumstances could have been much happier and far more fulfilled, but sometimes it’s the only way since there are animals out there that aren’t bound to get better.

But when an animal is adopted it’s a huge joy for a lot of people since not only it is a plus for the handlers as they get to watch one of the animals they care for go to a good home, but it’s a joy for the new owner who will get to welcome a new part of the family home. Rescue and shelter animals are sometimes looked down upon by people for various reasons but the fact is that some of the animals that come from the shelters are some of the most loving and loyal animals a person could ever get to know. With cats, it’s likely that you need to be a bit of a cat person to really get along with them, but the truth is also that they can be just as loving as any other animal, and just as diverse in how they show that love. Meeting a cat with your same name though is something that one might never do in their life, especially when it comes to something such as this with Dennis Quad. Someone was obviously a big Dennis Quaid fan if they managed to name a cat in this way, but at the very least it does sound like a happy ending for the actor and the cat involved as the feline will be getting a good home.

Cats are very therapeutic animals when they’re treated nicely and can be big, lovable balls of fur when they want to be. Personally I’m a dog person since they tend to be happy to see their owners most times, but cats can be every bit as expressive and they can be just as welcome of a sight at the end of a long day since all they want is love and attention instead of everything else that the world requires a person to give at times. With pets, there’s nothing better than just sitting around, or taking a walk, or just bothering their owners in the cutest way possible. That’s why we love them though, right?

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