10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christina Daugherty

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christina Daugherty

American Idol is a solo competition, but each season has a duet week that requires two contestants to perform a song together. This part of the show proves to be a huge challenge for most contestants, and lots of people struggle to pull it together. Still, when Christina Daugherty, took the stage with Chayce Beckham to perform a cover of “July”, she felt very confident.  The singers’ natural chemistry came through during the song, but unfortunately, Christina didn’t make it through to the next round. Although her time on American Idol has come to an end, Christina is still thankful for the experience and she doesn’t plan on giving up on her dreams. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Christina Daugherty.

1. She Is A Tennessee Native

Christina is originally from Tenessee, a state that is home to the country music capitol of the world. Despite her southern roots, however, Christina isn’t a country musician. Still, her upbringing in Tennesee plays a major role in her sound as an artist.

2. She Is Working On An Album

Even before auditioning for American Idol, Christina was working hard to build a strong foundation for her career. While it doesn’t appear that she has released any original music yet, she’s in the process of recording an album titled Monsters and Mothers. No official release date has been announced for the project.

3. She Usually Goes Under A Nickname

During her time on American Idol, Christina was introduced to the world using her government name. Most of the time though, she prefers using the nickname Redd. While understanding the origin for some stage names can be a little difficult, it’s easy to see that Christina’s nickname was inspired by her red hair.

4. She Is A Teacher

Christina hasn’t yet reached the point in her career where she’s able to do music full time. She makes her living as a high school English teacher at L&N STEM Academy in Knoxville. It was actually her students who encouraged her to audition for the show. On top of her role as an English teacher, she also teachers journalism and is an advisor for the yearbook.

5. She Sells Merch

When you’re trying to make it in a competitive industry like music, you have to do anything you can to get your name out there and also bring some revenue in. Christina has set up a store on her website where she sells merchandise that represents her upcoming album. At the moment, her items include bags, tshirts, masks, stickers, and hats.

6. She Started A YouTube Channel

Christina has always loved music, but this is the first time in her life where she’s been able to find the time to focus on it the way she would like. Creating a YouTube channel was one of the things she did to help get herself out there. Even though her channel has less than 500 subscribers, her videos have gotten over 12,000 total views.

7. She Has A Patreon Account

If you’re one of the many people who fell in love with Christina’s sound during her time on American Idol, you can still enjoy her talent despite the fact that she’s no longer on the show. She has an account on Patreon where she gives fans access to exclusive content for a subscription fee which stars at $3 per month.

8. She Is An An Animal Person

Anyone who has ever been a pet parent knows that the bond between a human and their pet is something that can’t be described. Despite not being able to communicate in the traditional sense, humans and animals tend to have a deep understanding of one another. Christina is the proud pet parent to two cats and a dog all of whom make frequent appearances on her social media accounts.

9. She Loves Sports

We are unsure if Christina has ever been an athlete herself, but we do know that she enjoys sports. In an Instagram post, Christina revealed that she was a cross country and track coach at the school where she teaches. She decided to give up coaching so that she could devot that time to her music career.

10. She Has Two Favorite Genres Of Music

In addition to making music, Christina also spends a lot of time listening to music. Since she is from Nashville, most people would probably assume that country music is one of her favorite genres. In reality, however, blues and jazz are her two favorite genres and she thinks of herself as an indie-folk musician.

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