10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Emig

Reality television really doesn’t hold anything back. There is nothing sacred any longer, and shows like “FBOY Island,” only prove that. The premise of the show is for people to fall in love – either with a nice guy or with a, well, not very nice guy. Sarah Emig is one woman who fell hard for a guy she knew was not one of the nice ones, and she shouldn’t have been surprised when she chose him over the nice guy in the end and he told her that he was not actually interested in a relationship with her. He simply wanted to win $100k. Thankfully, he didn’t get the money. The money went to her, so that is a small win. However, fans want to know what she’s like, what she’s up to, and where she is.

1. She Thinks the Show Was Edited Badly

She didn’t say this in those words. She merely told the fans who were curious what she saw in the guy she ended up choosing that he was a lot more open and honest and vulnerable with her throughout the season. However, the show was edited in a way that left that out and made her look ‘silly’ in her opinion.

2. She’s a Social Media Manager

She is a woman who lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. She works as a social media manager, though she can say that she’s added reality star to her resume at this point. She’s living it up, doing what she wants, and she’s seeing where the world will take her.

3. She’s a College Grad

She graduated college back in 2018. She graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Her degree is actually in psychology. However, she did minor in fashion and design and entrepreneurship. As it stands, she is a freelance social media manager, so she seems to have a good grasp on that last part of her education.

4. She Loves to Travel

She’s a young woman who loves to see the world. She enjoys having a good time, and she is happy to do that by traveling the world, but making it a point to see things to her advantage, and she is happy to take photos of herself doing it. She shares her photons online, and they are always fun.

5. She is Adventurous

We are assuming, anyway. We get this because she says on numerous social media bios “that sounds like a terrible idea…I’m in,” and nothing says adventurous like that, does it? We have a feeling she’s not someone who makes poor decisions in her own life on a regular basis, but she does sound like the kind of young woman who is not going to say no to a god time.

6. She Prefers Honesty

She would like to find a man to share her life with who is both honest and kind, and she is tired of players and the like. She’s not interested in the kind of men who are not in it to win it for good. She’d like a man who is honest, genuine, and who will be there for her every step of the way.

7. She Takes Care of Herself

Something that is very important to Emig is her own physical fitness. She is someone who is happy to spend her time in the gym. She’s also looking for a man who likes to take care of himself, too. She finds fitness and being healthy both sexy and important, and there is nothing wrong with that.

8. She Loves Her Friends

She’s a woman who loves her friends. She spends ample time with them, and they appear to have a good time together. She is someone with a tight-knit group, and we imagine they supported her when she went on her reality show journey.

9. She Loves the Water

When she has free time, you can find her on a boat on the water. Sarah Emig enjoys being outdoors, and she lives her best life by the water. She’s happy to do both as often as she can, so maybe she needs a guy who enjoys the same things.

10. She Loves Music

In fact, there are some websites online that state that she would love to be a DJ if she were not into the kind of work that she is into right now. She loves music, so that does make sense. She does like to sit back and listen to music that makes her soul feel good and that talks to her.

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