10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rhodes to the Top

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rhodes to the Top

If you are a fan of wrestling, you may find that tuning in to the new TNT drama, “Rhodes to the Top,” is the next big thing for you. The show follows the Rhodes’, a couple of famous wrestlers, as they manage their careers, their marriage, and their friends, their family, and every other minor detail that comes up in their exceptionally busy lives. The cameras follow them around as they try to do things their own way while also managing some balance in their lives, and it seems that this show will be a hit. Here is everything you need to know.

1. Cody And Brandi Are Long Married

This is a couple who met at work, who knows what it’s like to work in the same industry, and who have so far managed to do a good job in their marriage. They married in 2013, and they’re coming up shortly on a decade of marriage. We just get to see them manage it on national television.

2. Brandi and Cody Rhodes Do it All

While they might consider the ring their primary career offices, they both know that success is something they have to manage outside the ring, too. They are wrestlers first, but they are also a team, they are now reality show stars, and who knows where else this will take them.

3. This Show is More Behind the Scenes

This is certainly not the first reality show to feature wrestlers, but it is the first one that also focuses on the behind-the-scenes work of this particular industry. Sure, we get to see them at home doing their thing, but we also get to see them at work, behind the scenes and doing the many things that it takes to make this world work.

4. They Work Behind the Scenes

What makes this show different is that they are not just wrestlers. They are also business people. Cody Rhodes is one of the executive vice presidents of All Elite Wrestling, and Brandi Rhodes is the Chief Brand Officer of the company. They get to spend their time focusing on the day-to-day operations of this business, and being that they were both in the business makes them knowledgeable.

5. They’re New Parents

One thing that happened while they were filming this show is that they had a baby. Brandi Rhodes gave birth to a little girl, Liberty, and they did it while they were filming. It was a situation that they knew was coming, but it was one everyone also had to work around and make work while they filmed. They are happy, proud, excited parents to their little girl.

6. Brandi is an All-Around Athlete

Before she was in the wrestling business – and she actually got her start as a ring announcer in 2011 – she was involved in another sport. She was a professional ice skater. We just want to know, Brandi, if there is anything you don’t do well? We can’t imagine there is, but we are curious. She did love her time on the ice, and she’s managed to continue to work in the sports industry throughout her adult life.

7. Cody Rhodes Was Fascinated

When Brandi first began her job at the WWE, her husband was instantly fascinated by her. He was one of the biggest, most successful wrestlers at the time, and he saw her, and that was that. She doesn’t think it was that soon, but he does, and that’s when they began dating. He knew he was going to marry her.

8. She Wants her Daughter to be Passionate

If there is one thing that this couple wants their daughter to have in life, it is the passion to love her career and her path as much as her mother loves hers. She said it took her 27 years of her life to figure out what it is she was passionate about, and she found that in wrestling. She wants her daughter to find something she loves just as much.

9. There is Tension in Their Marriage

Not with one another, thankfully. This is a solid couple who is clearly in love and very happy. However, his family has not fully accepted his wife of more than 8 years – and the mother of his daughter – into their lives. While his father, the late Dusty Rhodes, was very close with Brandi, it seems the rest of his family doesn’t have the same feeling. There is some tension, and they’d all like to see it worked through.

10. They Are Just Getting Started

This show is one that might have some mixed reviews, but this is a couple that is only just getting started. They are solid, they are looking to climb the ladder of success, and they are looking to keep on making their own way in the world. They have a baby now, and there is nothing stopping them.

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