The Five Best Ice Skating Movies of All-Time

The Five Best Ice Skating Movies of All-Time

Cutting Edge

A lot of times when anyone mentions ice skating a lot of eyes will roll, heads will turn away, and attention will be lost unless you happen to know your crowd. Ice skating is in fact a very demanding sport since when you think about it you’re balancing on a large razor that’s keeping you up and able to move on the slippery surface beneath you. A sudden shift to the left or the right could spell disaster, and in the world of ice skating that could mean just about anything from a losing score to a serious injury. Movies that feature ice skating are bound to be dramas since this is a performance sport and despite being highly competitive, it’s still far removed from hockey, which shares the principle of being able to skate along the icy surface. However, in ice skating you’re not trying to intentionally run into anyone and you don’t have to pay attention to a small black disc that your team is trying to put into the opposing goal at the same time. But yes, ice skating is still quite tough, as some of these movies do happen to show.

Here are some of the best ice skating movies to be found.

5. Ice Castles

Sometimes natural talent and a desire to be great isn’t enough. It does breed jealousy from others but it also seems to breed a lack of humility that becomes a serious impediment that can force one down a path that they’re not ready to walk. When Lexie injures herself while attempting a difficult jump however she loses most of her sight and becomes a recluse. That only lasts until her ex-boyfriend reminds her what she was striving for and gets her back onto the ice where she learns how to work around her disability, skating just as beautifully as she did before her accident, showing that she still has what it takes to be great.

4. Blades of Glory

You could say this is kind of a disturbing movie on the same level that a lot of Will Ferrell’s movies share since it does contain a few elements that are questionable and seem designed just to get the attention of the audience via shock value. But that’s the beauty of a comedy such as this, they actively make fun of anything and everything in order to force a reaction, and it likely worked even if the movie wasn’t considered the biggest success in the world. While the whole thing was kind of a dud there are still quite a few people who liked it, enough to make the movie something of a cult classic that people tend to watch again and again.

3. Ice Princess

If there was ever a doubt as to how much time and dedication the sport of figure skating takes you might want to watch this movie and take notes since at a young age it can be quite disruptive to those that want to move on towards higher education. It’s not so much that it takes up your entire life, but it will tend to take up quite a bit of it as Casey finds out since the training, the competitions, the training, and of course the pressure of having to keep up with everything all at once seems to burn a lot of people out and make them decide quickly just what route they’d rather take in life.

2. I, Tonya

Taffy Brodesser-Akner of The New York Times is quite right, Tonya Harding can’t run away from being Tonya Harding even though she’s now Tonya Price. This movie was almost what some might call an in-depth explanation from Tonya’s point of view as to why her life didn’t turn out the way she wanted. But while that might be the case, some people thought it was pretty ludicrous to try and defend her actions no matter what happened or what she said. It’s a matter of opinion to be honest and some folks don’t care to hear any other opinion but their own in a case like this. The movie though was fairly entertaining.

1. The Cutting Edge

Amanda Dobbins of Vulture makes a good point as to why The Cutting Edge holds up in more than just a nostalgic manner since it is one of the best skating movies out there and does feature a decent love story. When you pit an NHL-hopeful and a prissy but highly-skilled figure skater together you get a rather talented team on the ice that might not always be on the same page. That being said however the machismo and the uptight attitude do start to melt away as the movie goes on and by the end you see how both skaters have finally warmed up to one another. It’s touching really.

Even if you’re not really into figure skating these movies are a decent amount of fun to watch.

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