Five Things Movies Always Get Wrong About Plumbers

Movies don’t always seem to like plumbers, maybe that’s why they get so many things wrong. Plumbers have gotten a bad reputation in the past for being crude, rude, and usually motivated by the almighty dollar and nothing else. The truth that movies don’t show is that most plumbers take great pride in their work. It might be dirty and a bit nasty at times but they’re the ones that are essentially responsible for the inner workings of your home and provide a service that, unless a person knows the pipes in their home that well, can’t be done without. Aside from electricians, plumbers are perhaps some of the most important people in the world when it comes to the welfare of your home, since your various pipes can cause great distress if they’re not cared for by a professional.

We need plumbers a lot more than movies seem to admit.

5. Plumbers don’t operate on a ‘my time’ schedule.

If a plumber is on the job there’s no such thing as ‘my time’ unless it’s their lunch break or they’re done for the day and have to head home. Most plumbers will treat the job as it needs to be treated, meaning that they will be there to work and to make sure that it’s getting done. The plumbers you see in movies taking long lunch breaks and dinking around are the worst examples and not that realistic.

4. Plumbers don’t charge extra for a job that wasn’t finished correctly.

If a problem exists within the pipes that isn’t the fault of the plumber or their attempt to fix it then there might be an additional charge since it was something unforeseen that couldn’t be predicted. But many plumbers will do a thorough recon of your pipes in order to make certain that they can do the best job they can to solve whatever problem exists. If their fix doesn’t work and ruptures they will usually come out and fix it, but this rarely happens.

3. Many plumbers offer reasonable prices.

In the movies you hear about people getting gouged for outrageous prices all the time. In reality plumbers will assess the work that needs to be done along with the materials and will give a very fair price according to what the cost will be and how long it will take them from start to finish. It might be pricey depending on the job, but it will almost always be fair.

2. Many plumbers are upstanding citizens.

Unlike you see in the movies most plumbers aren’t fat, slovenly people that don’t care about personal hygiene and have shady pasts. Most plumbers these days are professionals that have impeccable manners and are very respectful to people and their homes when on the job. A lot of them will even wear paper slippers when entering another person’s home.

1. Most plumbers will give you a good idea of what to expect before they arrive. 

In films the unsuspecting customer seems to have no idea what to expect before the plumber arrives, meaning they don’t know how much they’re going to be forced to pay to get their pipes fixed. In real life plumbers will let you know just what needs to happen give you a rough estimate at least of what it will cost.

Plumbers are professionals, not crooks with wrenches.

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