Please Don’t Make a Top Gun 3

Please Don’t Make a Top Gun 3

Please Don’t Make a Top Gun 3

The fact that there’s even a discussion of a third Top Gun movie means that it might have a chance of happening, which is anything but a positive idea as some folks see it. There’s a chance that there could be a story there, but it also feels as though it would be better if Maverick wasn’t a part of it, since he appears to have run his course and deserves his shot at a happy and fulfilling life. But then again, happy endings don’t always bring in the big bucks and as it’s been noted more than once throughout cinematic history, Hollywood will squeeze every cent it can out of an idea until there’s nothing left, not even a chance at creating a spinoff series. That would be kind of a shame to do to an idea like Top Gun since it’s been one of the most loved movies of all time, and its sequel did something that many sequels don’t often accomplish: it succeeded. Trying to mess it up with another movie doesn’t sound like a good idea, it sounds like something that too many rabid fans and executives would push for without understanding the huge risk that lies behind the effort needed to pull it off. 

The general thought that many people have is that Maverick’s story is done, that he’s found a place to finally settle and call it good. Perhaps Rooster or Hangman might be able to take the story further, but it does feel as though Top Gun would have to change quite a bit to let this happen. The old gives way to the new quite often, this is just the way of things, and while Maverick is still a great pilot, it’s simply time for him to call it a day and go back to what he was doing. 

That’s not to say that Tom Cruise wouldn’t be welcomed as a guest star or in a cameo role if another Top Gun did get made, but it could be time to finally let the younger stars step in and do their thing when it comes to reviving or at least honoring older ideas. Top Gun was a great idea back in the day, and it turned out to be a great sequel, but at the same time, going in for a third movie feels like having too much faith in an idea that’s fun and engaging, but is bound to get old very quickly if it’s pushed too often. Tom Cruise is starting to get up there in age despite not looking like it, and his ability to perform his own stunts is going to start becoming less of a possibility, but his presence is still highly valued. The fact that the sequel managed to get Val Kilmer involved and even brought his health into play to retire his character was impressive, not to mention quite touching since a lot of fans couldn’t help but be highly appreciative that Iceman was given a chance to interact with Maverick again. But his passing does highlight the need to put things in the past and let them stay there at this time, as Maverick is almost the last of his breed. 

Top Gun 3 is a big risk and while Hollywood is known for taking risks, sometimes, this one doesn’t feel like it would be worth the effort since it’s very possible that it would end in disaster or be forced to go directly to streaming. Being sent to a streaming channel isn’t the worst thing that could happen, but it’s still a far cry from the type of treatment that a theater will give. But at this point, Top Gun 3 would almost need a streaming release it feels, as one has to wonder how long it would take to get a working script underway, and if any of the current actors would want to return. It feels safe to say that several of them would likely come back without any hesitation, but it’s hard to be certain that this would happen since there’s a good chance several of these actors are going to be in demand for a while since they all put in solid performances. 

In the meantime, if there is a Top Gun 3 idea that’s bound to come down the pipe, maybe it would be a good idea to come up with an entirely different story that would pay quiet homage to the movies that came before while doing its own thing. This feels as though it could be a solid and workable idea that would combine the elements laid down in the first two movies while creating a working story that would move forward and explore the world of aviation and modern warfare in a manner that fans would be happy to see and enjoy. 

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