Why Christopher Nolan Would Be The Perfect Filmmaker For James Bond

Oppenheimer is a huge success! Once again, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker pulled out a winner despite the competition of Barbie. In fact, Barbenheimer has greatly benefited from both films. However, what’s next for Christopher Nolan? Surprisingly, Nolan has come out and stated that he would love to direct the next set of James Bond movies during his visit on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

Nolan even stated that his filmography is modeled after the iconic franchise. When you look at films like Inception or Tenet, it makes sense just how identical Nolan’s films are to the series. Though the filmmaker is no stranger to running a franchise, it doesn’t guarantee that he’ll be the perfect for the series. Still, all signs point to Nolan being the best candidate so far for the iconic franchise. Here are several reasons Christopher Nolan should be given creative freedom for James Bond.

Christopher Nolan Proved His Storytelling Ability With The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Dark Knight at the Oscars

Though Nolan had Memento or Insomnia under his belt before Batman Begins, those films were not a great indicator of whether he’d be able to run a franchise correctly. However, Nolan dismissed all doubts with ease when Batman Begins was introduced. His trilogy of films only got better with each outing. Sure, The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t as great as The Dark Knight, but it was still a fitting and entertaining end to an amazing trilogy.

Nolan took a comic book film and managed to adapt it to real-world settings. The grounded realism that Nolan brought to the series only enhanced the lore of Batman. It also brought out the uniqueness of characters such as Joker or Scarecrow. In addition, the cinematography was on point, and the storytelling from the beginning was cohesive and quite strong.

The complexity of Bruce Wayne/Batman was nicely carried out throughout the three-film arc. He was just another vigilante looking to take down the bad guys in Gotham. He was a character haunted by the death of his parents and wanted to do right by finally bringing justice to Gotham City. The Dark Knight trilogy was by no means perfect, but it’s definitely a string of films that remains relevant in pop culture today.

He Can Bring A Different Perspective On The James Bond Franchise

Why Christopher Nolan Would Be The Perfect Filmmaker For James Bond

The reason Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond sticks out is because it takes some liberties with the established property and mixes up the formula. The character itself remains in true form to a certain extent, but the grounded realism and darker tone really elevate the world and the characters themselves.

Bond was more than just a cool guy with all the women and gadgets at his disposal. He was a multi-dimensional character who had the scars of each mission bearing down on him. Nolan has expressed that a lot of his films are modeled after James Bond films, but his perspective can change the course of what James Bond can be.

There are some Nolan films where characterization isn’t the greatest, but movies like Memento, Inception, or Oppenheimer showcase that the filmmaker understands how to take the damaged and heavily flawed characters and make them compelling. Nolan’s craft is experienced enough to separate his brand of films from the previous entries, yet the thrilling action and signature bonds moments would keep true to the franchise.

The Incredible Action

Why Christopher Nolan Would Be The Perfect Filmmaker For James Bond

Do I really need to say that Christopher Nolan knows a thing or two about action? From that amazing fight scene in Inception to the choreography in the Dark Knight trilogy; Nolan is no stranger to producing innovation and incredible action sequences.  The filmmaker is perfectly suited for the franchise because his action scenes are never too over-the-top or insane. Yet, there’s a simple, but complex nature that comes with these fights that best suits James Bond.

Overall, James Bond is simply a man. Though he’s an elite spy, that doesn’t mean he should be treated as an invincible action hero. Give Nolan his turn at the James Bond franchise. He directed two billion-dollar films. And even movies outside of The Dark Knight franchise still do incredibly well. Nolan should be the next filmmaker to oversee James Bond.

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