Check Out The Among Us Live-Action Short Film

Check Out The Among Us Live-Action Short Film

Check Out The Among Us Live-Action Short Film

A virus that turns a person into a mass murderer? The terror would be real enough, but the idea is kind of hard to buy since one has to wonder how a virus makes one a mass murderer. If it lowers one’s inhibitions though it might make a lot more sense, especially since lowering inhibitions could do a lot of things. But causing people to turn on each other would be the best way for a virus to divide and conquer in order to survive. Even better, the killer that’s under the influence of the virus is kind of obvious from the silhouette and from the way that the individual is able to say very little and allow the others to carry on and on until there’s no trust at all. Dumping people out of the airlock is a pretty cold way to go, but in space and on a ship that only has so much room it’s hard to say what else could be done. Short films are great for a couple of reasons, one being that they need to build the type of emotions that people want to feed off of quickly and without too much exposition, and two being that they tell a story that’s quick, simple, and to the point most times. Nitpicking them is easy now and then, but it’s not always necessary since the imagination can take over and create enough of a story that might explain just how things have gone up to the starting point and how they might go after the credits begin to roll. As an adaptation of a video game, this short film is great since it does appear to conform to the source material, but there are likely to be a few questions.

Scifi movies are still a big deal with a lot of people and are bound to remain so, meaning that even short films should be able to stick around for a while to come since they don’t require a lot of time to watch and in some ways could be like chapter books in their own way. What I mean here is that they could each tell a different part of an overall larger story, almost as an episodic series that people might want to experience every week or two, or perhaps on a monthly basis, it’s hard to say. But it does sound like an idea that might have some merit if someone could get it to work. The scriptwriting would no doubt need to be quick, accurate, and sensible, but it would be kind of interesting to see someone do this and make it work since there are series out there that have been in play for a while and enough fans have risen to the occasion to support them, making it worthwhile without question.

Just imagine being able to work on something like this, even if one had to be behind the scenes to do their part. It would be a pleasure no doubt to work on a short film if only because it would be the creation process that would be a lot of interest to some folks. Among Us is a pretty simple story that puts together a group of people that have to deal with a traitor in their midst, and it’s a story that has played out in a lot of different ways over the years and throughout many upon many movies. But considering how little the average person knows about space and the fun that a lot of folks have with telling stories that revolve around being in the vast emptiness, stuck inside a space with other human beings that they may or may not trust, this is an idea that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There’s just too much that can be done with the bare bones of an idea that can travel this course, and as many have shown there’s a large number of ideas that can come from traveling in space, from the mundane to the outlandish, and all of them deserve at least enough attention to see whether they’re worth the effort or might need to go back to the drawing board.

There are plenty of things to nitpick about the movie to be certain, but whether it’s really worth it or not is a decision that’s best left to the individual since personally, this was enjoyable enough that it doesn’t really need to be torn apart for one gaffe or another. The whole idea of a virus turning one into a definable mass murderer would be the biggest gaffe I’d ever come up with, but apart from that, there are a few others that people might try to pick apart simply because they feel the need. But in defense of the clip, it’s easy to think that the rest of the story is worthwhile, and could lead somewhere or deliver a convincing backstory if it were ever developed. Like I said, sometimes short films are great to enjoy since they’re brief and to the point.

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