10 Things You Didn’t Know about Parker Abbott

If you haven’t heard of The Circle, it’s a British reality show being produced by Netflix in which people team up to do what they always want to do – win. They want to win an impressive sum of money, and that means they have to work together, they flirt, and they do whatever is necessary to take home the prize – even though they only meet online. One of the contestants on the show is none other than Parker Abbott, and she is not going to stop doing whatever it takes. She is in this to win this, and here’s what you should know.

1. She Used Strategy

When she came into the fourth season of the reality show, she did so with a plan. Her plan was to be someone she is not – her own father. She worked on portraying a 56-year-old man thinking it would allow her to do what needed to be done to win. She’s catfishing as her father because she is afraid her own personality and looks will give her away.

2. She is Not Her Father

She may have pretended she’s a boring old man on the show, but she is anything but. She’s regularly the life of the party, the girl who is always up for a good time, and someone who does her best to be the best. She’s got things working in her favor, and she’s not slowing down. It was difficult for her to hide her true personality.

3. She is a Student

As it stands, she’s not a marriage therapist as she pretended to be on the show. She is actually a college student working on her degree. She attends courses in Miami. When she’s not in Miami studying and working on her college degree, you can find her in Los Angeles doing her thing.

4. She is into Fashion

Her main calling in life is that she is a fashionista and a social media personality. She regularly shares photos of herself modeling different looks and traveling the world. She has more than 12k followers online, and she likes to share her life and her experiences with them via her Instagram page.

5. She is Confident

The one thing we can learn about her from going through her Instagram photos is that she’s a woman who has a lot of confidence – and one who doesn’t feel the need to wear an entire shirt. The less material in the front, the better, it seems based on her photos. She seems quite confident to show off her body, and she’s not stopping.

6. She Says She Has Two Personality Traits

Her entire life is based on what she considers her strongest personality traits, and the world is not sure what to think. Her traits are – being in a sorority and partying. Those don’t seem so much like personality traits as they do just hobbies, but to each their own.

7. She Chose Her Father For Good Reasons

When she was making the decision on how to go into this game, she was ready to do it in a trusting manner. She didn’t feel she would vibe well as herself, so she chose her father. She wanted to go into the game with the personality of a man in his late 50s who has a wife and two kids and works as a marriage therapist so that she could gain the trust of everyone else.

8. She Struggled

The problem with her idea of catfishing as her father is that she only went so deep as to perfect her profile, but she didn’t deal with details. She didn’t have any substance in conversations. She didn’t know what a memoir was, and she didn’t do well when she tried to impersonate him. She was quickly figured out by many as someone they could not trust rather than someone extra trustworthy.

9. She is Young

Probably the biggest thing she had going against her is that she was still so young. She’s only 22 right now, and it showed in her answers and the things she was saying in the game. She wasn’t even remotely close to sounding like a man in his 50s who has a wife and kids, and that was what gave her away from the start. Her age was shining through hard.

10. Her Dad Seems Famous

We still aren’t sure what her dad actually does for a living. She wasn’t sure, either, so she made him a marriage therapist. It seems, however, that he does some work with some high-profile Hollywood celebrities, and that their family is acquainted with the Jenner/Kardashians in some capacity.

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