Six Unknown Behind-The-Scenes Facts About “The Circle”

Created off of a British series with the same name, The Circle made its debut on Netflix in 2020 and has been running for three seasons straight. With a fourth and fifth season already confirmed, viewers are yet to experience the best and worst of The Circle in its entirety. With the show, we never know what to expect. If a player is not being upgraded to a ‘joker’ with superpowers, another is being given a second chance, and when we think we have seen it all, in comes a player’s clone. We see the drama unfold on screen, and never what happens behind the scenes. Here are some juicy details that have been revealed by part of the cast in the past:

1. There Are Cameras Everywhere, Always Watching

In case you were wondering about the camera situation on The Circle, the answer is there are cameras everywhere. This was revealed by Sammie from the first season of the show, who happened to have a Q & A on her YouTube channel. A fan asked, “Is a camera watching you all the time? Even when you’re in the shower/on the toilet?” Sammie answered, “ Yes. The cameras are always watching. But they’re not, like, creeping on you. You know what I mean? It’s not like they’re there to be like creepy, like, see you naked. They don’t care about that. But, yes. So there’s cameras in my bedroom, there was three cameras that were in my bedroom; one by the bed, one in the corner, and there was one in the hallway that could see directly into my bedroom, but could also be moved to see directly into the bathroom.”

2. Bathroom Time Is Semi-Private In ‘The Circle’

If there are cameras everywhere, the big question is, how do the players get to go to the bathroom? Just like every other room, the bathroom is also in sight, except when it is time for someone to do their business. Sammie revealed that whenever she used the bathroom, the camera in the bathroom would be lifted up to the ceiling. So, it wouldn’t be on her while she was minding her business. “ And when I stood up, you could see my head from the toilet. Like, the camera was overtop of the toilet. So it wasn’t, like, in a corner directing at me and stuff like that. It was overtop of my head, so, like, when I would stand up after using the bathroom, the camera would see me standing up, and then it would follow me after that.”

3. There Is A Golden Rule For The Players

Being in The Circle comes with its fair share of rules and some of them are unwritten. The game is totally based on popularity, and this is brought about by forming some solid alliances. In the past, we have seen solid friendships develop such as that of Joey and Shubham, and Courtney and ‘River’, even though Courtney was strategic not to place River in first place in the end. Sometimes the players get a little lovey-dovey and vote with their hearts, as in the case of Chloe, who was smitten by ‘Trevor’. Through forming alliances, some players get eliminated, breaking the alliance altogether, while others push through to the end. Normally, there’s a mixture of emotion and logic in play, and nine times out of ten, it’s a good combination of both that eventually makes a winning team. Either way the golden rule for the players, according to Sean is: Don’t tell anyone you are in talks with the crew of The Circle. That way, no one gets to know any other player beforehand. The alliances formed on The Circle are therefore real.

4. Everyone Gets A Knock On Their Door

Every lover of The Circle knows the tension that builds when it’s time for a blocked player to meet one other player. The moment is usually intense, with each unblocked player holding their breath just as much as the audience does. The walk down the hallway does nothing but increase the tightness, and as the blocked player turns the doorknob, what follows is footage of all players turning towards the door. Sometimes it’s Sammie trying to fit into a kitchen cupboard. Either way, during her Q & A, Sammie revealed that to get a reaction from the players, everyone got a knock on their door. Sometimes there was someone on the other side, and other times there would be pin-drop silence following the knock, much to some people’s relief.

5. Players On ‘The Circle’ Live In Complete Isolation

All players live in isolation. Think Lockdown, but worse because you have no access to your phone or a television. There is a screen, obviously, but it’s simply ‘The Circle’. Until the show wraps up, there is no access to the outside world. What makes it even more fascinating is that the walls are soundproof, therefore the ‘alert’ is as loud as any can be. The doors are not closed, but players are allowed to get to the balcony in turns, all without seeing each other. When it comes to meals, the players are asked to provide a list, and, depending on what’s available, get to make their own meals. That said, when $100,000 is at stake, no amount of isolation is not worth the effort.

6. None Of The Contestants Actually Leave

It is easy to assume that The Circle is filmed in the United States, probably somewhere in Chicago. That couldn’t be far from the truth. The show is filmed all the way in Manchester, England, according to a past interview, and the players have to cross borders to get there. None of them ever get to meet, but an interesting point to note is that once eliminated, the players don’t leave the city either. They however have the advantage of exploring the city if they wish to do so since they have more time until the winner is unveiled. While players like Karyn and Savanna, who got their eliminations early in the game got to see Manchester in all its glory, players who made it all the way to the finals like Chloe and Joey sadly didn’t get to explore the city during filming. In Sammie’s case, she only saw her fellow players (evicted) for the first time at the finale.





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