10 Things You Don’t Know About Olivia Cooke

10 Things You Don’t Know About Olivia Cooke
10 Things You Don’t Know About Olivia Cooke

Credit: @livkatecooke

When Olivia Cooke was just a child, she began acting. She knew it was something she enjoyed when she was eight, but she didn’t know she’d go on to lead the life she’s living now. Her performances regularly captivate her audiences, and she’s known for taking on roles that might make her look and feel a little different. She took a risk and accepted a role in a show that’s expected to be huge. House of Dragon is a prequel to a massive show called Game of Thrones, and she’s playing the role of Alicent Hightower. She’s aware this is a big role to take on, but she is ready for it. Let’s learn everything we can about her now because she’s well on her way to household stardom.

1. She’s a 90s Kid

Olivia Cooke was born in the early 90s, and she did get a small taste of what it’s like to grow up in a simpler time. She spent most of her teen years with cell phones at the beginning of the ‘social media’ years, but she still had some normalcy growing up, and it shows. She was born on December 27, 1993, which means she’s about to enter her last year in her 20s.

2. She is English

She was born and raised in Oldham, which is located in Greater Manchester. It is an area of England that she loves. She was there with her mother, father, and sisters. Her parents did not stay married, but she and her sisters lived with their mom. It was there that she found her love of acting. It was an afterschool program, but it was one that really resonated with her.

3. She Did Theater Acting

During her college years – she did not stay for graduation. However – she was a star. She was part of the West Side Story production in which she played the role of Maria. She took the role on with vigor, and she was good. Her time in that role allowed her to focus on other things, such as her career with the Oldham Theater Workshop.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Olivia Cooke

Credit: @livkatecooke

4. She Had an Agent at 14

She might not have been a household name back then, but she knew she would be. She was able to get herself an agent when she was only fourteen, which allowed her to make positive changes in her life. She began starring in commercials, which allowed her to do things she might not have done without an agent.

5. She Worked With Harry Styles When She Was 19

Here’s a fun fact about Olivia Cooke. She was 19 when she landed a role in a music video with a little boy band called One Direction. They were getting their name out there and becoming the boy band we know them as today, and she was a music video girl for them. She was in a video for a song called Autumn Term, and part of her role was to ride piggyback on Harry Styles. Talk about a job you look back on with excitement.

6. She Was Not Accepted into Drama School

Believe it or not, even schools get it wrong sometimes. They accept people who drop out and take spots from those who want them. They don’t accept people who go on to become the biggest and best. And that is what happened with Olivia Cooke. She applied for a spot at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, but they did not choose her to be one of their students. She did make it far in the auditions, but they ultimately went differently.

7. She Felt Nervous in One Particular Interview

There was a time in 2022 when she was able to spend some time on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and she was so nervous. “As I was talking to him, it just felt like I was a meteor just hurling towards the earth. Like the rate at which the words were just f***ing spitting out of my gob. It was so horrible,” she said of the time she spent interviewing with the major television show host.

8. She Used an Accent Coach For Bates Motel

This show was one of her first major roles, and it was a huge one for her. She was so excited to take it on, but she had to get her American accent just right. She used an accent coach for this, and she did well. We’d have loved to hear her accent before she found a coach and began working with him, though.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Olivia Cooke

Credit: @livkatecooke

9. She Had a Tough Time

Shooting for Bates Motel was in Vancouver, which is in Canada. She was only 18 when she landed that role. It required relocation, and she did it. She spent four years living and working in Canada and then moving around to work on other jobs in America, and she didn’t get to go home much. She missed her family, she felt lonely at times, and she was still just a kid at 18 doing this. It was not always easy, but it was something she had to do to make it.

10. She’s Surprisingly Inactive on Social Media

An actress in her 20s not active on social media? It does happen, you know. She’s not working on her social media platform to become an Instagram model. She’s a working actress with a job to do, so she’s not entirely active. However, you can still follow along if you’d like. She does post, but it’s not all that often. We’ve found that when she does, though, it’s worthwhile.

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