The Best Uses of One Direction Songs in TV

However you feel about boy bands and what they’ve done to or for music, One Direction has been one of the more successful groups throughout their history and have been loved and adored by many upon many fans. For some of us even saying the words is kind of tough since the idea of boy bands stems all the way back to New Kids On the Block and doesn’t always have a lot of great memories, but you can’t argue with the fact that their overall popularity is something that’s been a cultural phenomenon. What’s really interesting about this group is that they were all individuals at one point trying to make it on The X Factor until Simon Cowell, or Nicole Scherzinger, depending on who you want to believe, decided to put them together and form a group. From that point on they became something that people absolutely wanted to see.

Here are a few of their songs and how they’ve been presented in TV.

5. iCarly – What Makes You Beautiful

iCarly is the type of show that you would almost expect your young kids to lock onto since it uses the cheesy nature of a kids’ sitcom along with the modern-day technology to present itself in a very easy manner that kids can relate to. For a while iCarly kind of blazed its own trail in making itself known and adored by many fans, and it was obviously the kind of show that kids locked on since it became popular enough to sell more than its fair share of merchandise and get noticed by enough people to become something of a hit. To this day you might still hear people talking about iCarly when it was still popular.

4. Late Show with David Letterman – Little Things

It’s interesting to wonder whether or not the late show hosts get to decide who comes on their show. If they have any say in the process, and it seems that they might at times, then you would almost expect that a decision to bring anyone in would be made more from a business standpoint than anything since a few of the late night hosts don’t seem as though they really care for some of the performers that come on. But it’s important to be civil and look at things from a professional point of view. They’re helping to promote the band and in turn the band’s appearance is helping to keep the show’s ratings up.

3. Saturday Night Live – Night Changes

It’s not too much of a stretch to realize that One Direction has been on SNL a couple or a few times since the show is known for grabbing up the most talented performers it can whenever possible. In fact SNL has long been known for picking up performers for its shows that are trending or are currently hot at the moment, or are on a slight downswing and might have an open schedule. In any case it’s good for the show and good for the performers when this happens since it gains exposure and a little spike in their popularity for both which can be highly beneficial when you really think about it.

2. Lip Sync Battle – Steal My Girl

It seems like it would be hard to follow certain acts since John Krasinski performing Bye Bye Bye would be kind of a tough act to top. But Anna Kendrick is no stranger to being up in front of people and gives a good accounting of herself and the song. This show is, as I keep saying, highly entertaining since you have to wonder if the stars are like this in real life or if they’re just dialed up to 11 when they get on stage and start acting for the crowd. Some might be this energetic all the time, but it’s easy to think that others are kind of quiet when they’re of screen and let loose when they’re on.

1. Strictly Come Dancing – What Makes You Beautiful

Has anyone ever thought of how much strength and stamina must go into this act? Just going dancing in a club can be an exhausting experience if you happen to like busting a move to every song that the DJ spins, but having to go out and give a performance that’s going to be judged and needing to be as perfect as one can possibly be has to be a lot of added stress since your body is no doubt tight when you need it to be loose at times. Those that really enjoy the dance might be able to fully enjoy themselves, but it’s kind of easy to tell now and again when someone is just too tight and needs to relax a bit.

Once again, whether you like boy bands or not, One Direction has simply crushed it in terms of gaining a following.

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