The Five Best John Michael Montgomery Songs of His Career

It’s interesting to note that people who make it big in the music business are usually those that fall on hard times when they’re young and don’t get much encouragement or get plenty of encouragement from their family and friends as they grow up. The in-betweeners seem to make it as well but their back story is usually as plain as vanilla ice cream in a white bowl unless there’s a controversy that happens somewhere along the line. John Michael Montgomery seems to be the type of person whose parents definitely agreed that music was the way to go and helped to support his decision every step of the way. Whatever hardships he’s had in his life have come after his decision to get into the business it would seem and are perhaps a result of the life that many musicians are forced to lead once they start to get popular.

Here are five of John’s best songs.

5. The Little Girl

What we do affects our kids more than we know sometimes, but the things they see us do are what comes to haunt us and shape their young minds later on. That’s why it’s so important to realize that the things we do are important to watch and regulate in order to show our children just what life is like and why it’s important to learn how to survive. It’s also important to nurture our kids and remind them that they’re in this world for a reason, because we love them very much and wanted them here. Those children that are made to feel like mistakes are often those that need to be nurtured the most, as they haven’t been given those things.

4. Be My Baby Tonight

Does anyone believe in love at first sight any longer? These days it’s almost as though people don’t believe that anyone else is human and deserves the kind of decency that we’re all entitled to when you talk to some folks. But in an ideal world love at first sight is still something worth believing in since it might not be love to start with, but feeling a connection with someone is still very real. All that a person really needs to worry over is if that connection is something deep and true or something that’s going to take you on a swift run through hell and back. Hopefully the one that’s picked out of the crowd is the right one.

3. Sold

It’s funny to think that anyone would be noticing anything, or anyone, at an auction since the main part of the event what’s being bid on. If you’ve ever been to one of these then you understand how crazy it is and how inherently confusing it can be. Maybe at that point it’d be best to focus on someone else other than the auctioneer and the other bidders simply to get away from the nuttiness of it. Of course the future of one’s farm is typically riding on what’s bought at auction since it’s kind of important for the operation of a farm to have the best stock possible. But then again noticing someone across the way tends to happen anywhere.

2. I Swear

If you think you’ve heard this song before you’re not imagining things, it’s been sung by a few artists and therefore passed around a few times in order to be sung in different ways. This isn’t anything new to be honest, but it’s interesting to hear it coming from someone else that you might not have been expecting. Sung in a country song it’s actually pretty smooth, a little quicker than usual, but not a bad thing altogether since it still conveys the same emotion and feeling that it’s been responsible for throughout so many other renditions. Some songs can sound pretty good no matter which genre they’re being used for.

1. I Can Love You Like That

This is another song that you probably remember from another artist, but once again it has all the feeling that it needs to be just as impressive and worthwhile. If you’ll notice this video shows pretty much what this song has been used for in more than one version. Wedding songs are those that get people to feel emotions that they might not normally feel on a regular basis. Weddings are after all a special time during which people will express themselves in ways they don’t normally do, as it’s the moment when they finally begin to share their lives in a way that’s ultimately binding and means that for better or worse they’re in this life together now. Some people might claim that you don’t need to be married, and they’re correct, but marriage is a very sacred bond that a lot of people want.

Country must be on a big upswing as more and more artists are trending these days.

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