10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Kohan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Kohan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Kohan

Sarah Kohan is a model. She’s a mom. The Australian beauty is young, but she’s been in the headlines more often than not over the past few years because of her marriage, her kids, and now her impending divorce. She is the subject of many rumors, of much speculation, and of personal opinions had by all. Being married to an exceptionally famous soccer star is not easy on a good day, but it’s especially difficult when your marriage is falling apart and the entire world is watching. Who is the Sarah Kohan?

1. She is Young

Sarah Kohan was born in the 90s. She was born on March 6, 1994, in Sydney, Australia. She grew up there alongside her family, and she made all of her memories in one of the best decades around. She was among the very last kids who got to grow up in a relatively normal society without cell phones and social media in every classroom and in everyone’s pocket and hand.

2. She is a Mom

She and her husband are the proud parents of two sweet babies. They have a daughter named Nala and a son named Noah. Their son, Noah, is their first. He was born on June 16, 2019. Their daughter, Nala, was born only 15 short months later in October of 2020. They have two small kids, and she is loving every moment of her time with her little family.

3. She is a Model

Sarah Kohan is gorgeous, and she’s done well as a model. She is an elite model who has done work with major brands and major designers. Her career is successful, and she continues to thrive as a model. She has amassed a large fan base working in her line of work, and she is living her dream.

4. Her Husband is a Famous Footballer

Not American football, though; her husband, Javier Hernandez, does not play for the NFL. He’s a soccer star who has played for some of the biggest teams in the world. He’s been with Mexico, he’s been with the LA Galaxy (the team famous for bringing David Beckham to America), and he is well-known to his fans and to those who follow the sport closely.

5. She’s Allegedly Divorcing Her Husband

This is a couple who wed in January 2019, welcomed their first baby five months later, their second baby 15 months later, and less than a year later are now rumored to be ending their marriage. It’s been a whirlwind romance with significant life changes for the model and her soccer star husband, and rumors are swirling regularly that the model has left her husband. Are these rumors true? It seems that they are, and it seems that many fans are accusing her of being unfaithful to her husband, though she has adamantly denied all rumors that she did anything wrong in her own marriage.

6. She Has Accused Her Estranged Husband of Being a Bad Father

According to TMZ, Sarah Kohan has accused her husband of being a deadbeat dad who is not there for his kids. Since their split, she’d accused him of ignoring the family and the kids, and that he has not participated in any capacity in the raising of his children. She’s also accused him of putting his children in danger.

7. She’s Also Accused Her Estranged Husband of Ignoring Their Separation

In the paperwork that she filed against him, she’s also accused her husband of coming into her bedroom and getting into bed with her without permission. She did not make mention of anything else other than the fact that he is ignoring the fact that ‘you are separated and can crawl into bed with her and go under the covers without her permission,” in the documents she filed.

8. She is Active on Instagram

She posts regularly to her Instagram account, and she makes it clear that she has no time for things that aren’t important to her. She posts her modeling shoots, she posts a few pictures here and there of her children. She doesn’t share too much about them, and she always keeps her photos as private as possible by making them unclear and not close-up. It’s a good way to share kids.

9. She’s Inherently Private

She may be in the middle of an ugly divorce and marital issues with her estranged husband, but she’s not focusing on that. Her Instagram is filled with uplifting photos and captions, and she’s not focused on anything that is negative. She’s not speaking about her husband or making mention of him, and by all accounts, it seems she’s taking the high road by remembering that her fans don’t need to know everything.

10. She’s Happy Outside

From what we can gather about her and her life, she appears to find her best life lived outdoors. In the sunshine, among nature, and by the water. She seems to thrive on being in the sunshine and being in the fresh air. We cannot blame her for that one.David Beckham

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