10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ross Smith

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ross Smith

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ross Smith

Ross Smith and his grandmother are popular on YouTube and social media platforms. This unlikely duo spends their time filing themselves doing crazy things and performing crazy pranks on unsuspecting people in their lives, and the internet loves it. Perhaps they love Granny more, but Ross Smith has his fair share of fans, too. The simple concept is something many people find fascinating, and it also makes the world want to know more about Ross Smith.

1. He Began with Vine

Like many of the other social media influencers before him, he got his start on the now-defunct website, Vine. He made short clip videos of himself that went viral. When the site went down, he transitioned over to TikTok and other social media platforms. His fans followed.

2. He is a College Football Player

He didn’t make it to the pros, but he did get to spend three years playing for the University of Dayton Football team. You probably don’t know his name if you don’t follow smaller schools like his, but that’s all right. Not everyone plays for a major university, but he was good enough to spend three seasons playing as a starter.

3. He Was European Pro

He did not play for the NFL when his college football career was over, but he did go to the pros in Europe. He played for a team in Germany after his college graduation. He no longer plays professional football in Europe, but he is making an impressive living on the internet making videos for his friends and family – and his fans.

4. He’s a 90s Kid

Ross Smith was born in the early 90s. His family welcomed him into their hearts on September 22, 1992. His parents are Mike Smith and Diana Kana. However, we don’t hear much about his family other than his grandmother. She is clearly his best friend, and she is clearly his favorite family member.

5. He Majored in Business

During his college tenure, he was a business major. It’s a good major if you want to go into something that allows you to have a lot of options when you graduate. He’s done well for himself. He probably uses a lot of what he learned majoring in business in his everyday life when he’s choosing how to market himself and how to grow his online business.

6. He’s an All-Around Athlete

We already know he excelled on the football field, but we might not realize just how much. He was captain of his high school team for two years, and his leadership skills were widely praised. When he wasn’t on the football field growing up, he was involved in other sports Specifically, he played lacrosse, and he was a part of the track team. He’s a sprinter.

7. He’s Exceptionally Close to His Grandmother

Ross Smith is close to Granny. His grandmother is, if we can assume from how much time he spends with her, his favorite person in the world. She’s currently 95-years-young, and she’s up for anything as long as she gets to spend time with her grandson.

8. He Lost his Grandfather

Smith recently posted a photo of his grandmother with his grandfather on his Instagram account. It was on the day that would have been his grandfather’s 95th birthday. He wished his grandfather a very happy day, and he said that his grandmother is excited to see him again one day. It’s hard to lose someone you love.

9. He Credits his Grandmother for Making Him Who He Is

Ross Smith knows that it is his grandmother who makes him who he is. She helped mold him and shape him into the person that he is now, and she made sure that he grew up into a kind young man. He’s made sure that in return, he has been able to show her the world and to make sure her dreams come true. He’s taken her to Paris, and to see the Hollywood sign in LA dressed like a flapper. He makes sure her life is well-lived and thoroughly enjoyed.

10. He Values his Privacy

He and his grandmother might be willing to do some crazy things when they are together, but he is a man who values his own privacy over all else. He doesn’t share anything too personal about his own love life or who he might be dating. He doesn’t share anything his grandmother is not okay with him sharing, and he is good about keeping his private life to himself.

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