10 Things You Didn’t Know about Owen McDonnell

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Owen McDonnell

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Owen McDonnell

When Owen McDonnell was growing up, he knew acting was in his future. He knew this is where he would go in life, what he would do with his life, and how he would focus on his life. He knew that he would one day make a name for himself, but did he know just how much of a name he would make? From theater to the big screen to the television screen to working with some of Hollywood’s most famous faces, he’s done it all, and he is proud.

1. He is a 70s Kid

There’s not much to go on when determining his date of birth. However, his Wikipedia page suggests he was born in 1974. This means he might be 47 or 48 as of 2022, though we don’t know which is which since years are long and his date of birth could fall anywhere in the year.

2. He is Irish

What we do know about this actor is that he is a man from Ireland. We love an Irish accent, though he doesn’t always get to use his when he is acting. He was born and raised in Galway. It’s a great town in Ireland that even has a song written about it thanks to Ed Sheeran.

3. He Was a Theater Student

When he was old enough to decide how to spend his life, he made the decision to go into acting. He knew that part of getting the edge as an actor would involve learning as much as possible. He’s a theater student (former) who attended courses at the Central School of Speech and Drama, which is located in England. More specifically, it is located in London.

4. He is A Londoner Now

He’s been in London for some time, and that is all because of his acting. He went to school there, and he stuck around to get to work. He landed his first film role in 2003, which is almost 20 years ago. He’s been making big things happen in his career since, and he is proud of what he’s managed to accomplish since making the move from Ireland to London.

5. He is Not Single

While we don’t know much about his personal life, we do know that he is a man who is taken. He is not married, to our knowledge, but he is a man who is living in London with his girlfriend. Her name is Jill, and we assume it’s more than a casual dating relationship based on the fact that they live together.

6. He is Good in Thrillers

While no one wants to find that their entire career is pigeonholed into one area, he is a man who is undoubtedly good at being part of the thriller scene. He has a lot going on in his life, and something he’s good at doing is being part of that. He’s starred in shows such as Killing Eve, Silent Witness, and even Single-Handed. He does play a good character in each show, and his talent shines.

7. He Loves Working with Sandra Oh

If we are being honest, she steals the scene anytime she is on any show, in any movie, or anywhere. She was the force that kept Grey’s Anatomy running (in our opinion) and it was nearly impossible to watch after her character left. Her perfect sense of humor is everything. Her talent is everything, and this is an actor who knows it. He calls her hypnotic to work with, and we cannot think of anything more accurate.

8. He Did an Audiobook

During quarantine, he did not know what his life would look like. The world shut down, he didn’t know what he’d do next or when he would be able to go back to work, so he did an audiobook at home in his own wardrobe. It was an experience.

9. He Enjoyed Romania

One thing that he loved when he filmed Killing Eve was the time they spent in Romania. He filmed in a place called Viscri, which is just not the same kind of place that he’s been in his entire life. It’s a fun place, and it’s one that he loved to experience when he was there.

10. He is a Private Man

He’s been part of the entertainment industry for almost two decades now, and he’s learned a thing or two about keeping his life to himself. He’s not into sharing everything with everyone, and we adore that about him. Fans are always excited when he talks about work, though, and that is what he is good at doing.

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