What We Learned from the Killing Eve Season 3 Trailer

Killing Eve Season 3

Just about any movie or show featuring MI6 or any other similar agency is about to be kind of nuts at any given moment since the propensity for just about anything is bound to be expected by fans and so far Killing Eve hasn’t really disappointed in a big way. The trailer likely means a lot more to those that have been watching the show as it doesn’t offer much apart from a few minor glimpses of the actors and a possible tune that might make you think that things are about to pop off in a way that a lot of people could be expecting but could be surprised by as well. Thus far the show has been one that has made Sandra Oh stand out in a way that she’s done in the past but in a much different manner than before. Leaving her supposedly for dead in the finale of season 2 was definitely something that made a lot of fans wonder if there would even be a season 3 with the way that shows go today and how characters are uniquely more expendable than they used to be. Guaranteed though, Eve is coming back since season 3 will be set to kick off eventually and things will continue more or less along the course that they’ve been going for a while. Caroline Hallemann of Town & Country has more to say on this matter.

One thing that’s intriguing about this show even though it probably shouldn’t be is that a new writer is apparently coming in for each season. That’s not unheard of, but it’s certainly a bit more difficult in keeping with a narrative that has a distinctive and unified voice at times, though so far no one has really complained in such a way as to state that the show has gone off the rails. Pitting a detective and a serial killer has been a winning strategy for a long time now though, and since women are attempting to take more prominence in such movies and shows it’s becoming apparent that their voice is being heard a lot more and people are liking it at this point and will hopefully continue to like it in the years to come. Killing Eve has been a hit so far with audiences and the idea is of course to continue the trend and make something even greater as time goes on. Obviously season 3 is going to have to ramp things up in a big way to keep that admiration and inspiration flowing, but so far it would appear that things are being planned that will make this happen. Nina Starner of Looper has more on this subject.

A bit of good news for fans is that the third season was approved a while back, as was a fourth season, so it’s apparent that there’s more than enough faith in the show that it will be coming back next year as well. After that it’s hard to say, but at the very least fans can expect Killing Eve to air once again this coming April. The back and forth between the protagonist and the antagonist of this story is great enough that it could possibly last for a while before getting stale, so a third and fourth season are entirely feasible, but if there’s to be a fifth, and there’s no word on that yet, then the effort to keep it alive might have to be something special indeed. The show has managed to keep people coming back fairly easily this time around, so it’s not too much to assume that it could do the same in seasons to come. The fact that season 2 ended on such a cliffhanger was enough to get people to wait, perhaps not patiently but still wait and try to anticipate what was going to happen since as most should be able to think, Eve is just fine since without her there’s not that much of a show left. Still, ending a finale on such a note is kind of hard on the fans since it makes them guess over and over just what happened, what they could be seeing in the next season and so on and so forth. Entire fan bases have about lost their minds when trying to contemplate the many different ways a story could go when it’s left in such state.

To put your mind at ease though Eve and Villanelle will be right back at it, trying to get at one another and finding ways to impose their will. As one of the many shows that is drawing a great deal of attention, Killing Eve is one of those that is definitely leaning hard into the idea of women writing a story that proves that a woman can be every bit as skilled in creating a story as a man is. Of course that’s not much of a debate, but it’s definitely been put out there.

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