Netflix’s Half-Hearted Thriller “Intrusion” Ending Explained

Netflix’s Half-Hearted Thriller “Intrusion” Ending Explained

Netflix’s Half-Hearted Thriller “Intrusion” Ending Explained

If you haven’t noticed, Netflix has been preparing for the upcoming Halloween season by releasing a new thriller film for viewers every week. Last week, Intrusion was the latest film in the streaming service’s arsenal that landed in the coveted Top 10 spot which is what actually motivated me to watch the movie. However, since its release, the film has received a lukewarm reception. While some claim that it’s just your average thriller with no bells or whistles others believe the movie is complete trash. Is this film worth a watch? Check out our breakdown of Intrusion and what happens at the end.

Plot Overview

Frieda Pinto and Logan Marshall Green star as Meera and Henry, a married couple that has just moved from Boston to their beautiful modern beachfront home in New Mexico.  Their isolated property alone creates an eerie feeling that’s hard to move past. Meera and Henry decide to go out for dinner and wine one night and when they return they find that their home has been broken into and ransacked which is alarming since the couple is new in town and claim that they didn’t leave behind any enemies in Boston. Henry fixes up the house and Meera goes back to work as a youth counselor. The couple tries their best to move on from the break-in until their house until masked men invade their home while at night while they were in bed. This time the home invasion ends with dead bodies.

It turns out that Henry has a gun that he never told Meera about. This is the start of the distrust, control, and suspicion that starts brewing between this couple. As Meera and Henry’s relationship dynamics are called into question, Meera begins to do her own digging and this is when the viewers are able to somewhat piece together what’s going on. Meera never had a reason to doubt her husband. She’s a cancer survivor and during the movie, she recalls how her husband never left her side when she was sick and throughout her recovery even when she was unbearable to be around. Henry is painted as this caring and super supportive husband who can do no wrong. That is until Meera learns about Christine, a young woman that has gone missing. The invasions are linked to Christine’s disappearance.

Henry is a person of interest in Christine’s disappearance and Meera discovers this when she watches a videotape that kind of haphazardly ended up in her possession. The video reveals that Henry was making unwanted advances towards Christine and that the family was breaking into their home because Henry’s office was an area of interest. Meera goes into Henry’s office when she’s alone in the home and uncovers a secret basement where the missing girl is chained up. It’s hard to imagine that Meera had no idea that a missing girl was in their home because when she startles the girl who then starts trying to get free. As Christine fights against her restraints she is banging the pipe that her chair is attached to back and forth which alerts Henry that there is something going on in the basement.

What Happens At The End of Intrusion?

Of course, Henry finds out that his wife now knows his secrets. He’s terrified that she won’t accept him and tells her that he needs her to stick by his side just like he did when she was sick with cancer. He admits to having a weird sickness that’s ingrained in him which he claims is not his fault just like cancer wasn’t her fault. Rightly so, Meera is not having it because you can’t compare the two situations. Meera tries to call the cops but Henry smashes the cellphone and ties her up. When Henry goes back upstairs briefly Meera is able to free herself and then free Christine. But of course, you can’t end a thriller without an epic survival duel. Yes, Meera has to fight for her life and for the life of the innocent young woman. Ironically, Meera ends up killing Henry by sticking his favorite Eiffel Tower clock into his skull. The movie ends with Henry dying, Meera selling their beachfront house and she moves on with her life.

Is There Likely To Be A Sequel?

With the antagonist dead the ending of Intrusion seems final. The lackluster and confusing storyline was an epic fail and there really isn’t anything left to explore so the likelihood of a sequel is slim to none.

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