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Spider-Man Origins

Credit: Marvel Comics

Spider-Man has been a popular character not only across comics overall but has long been a staple of Marvel Comics and has remained a flagship character since his creation. With the long years that have come with Spider-Man’s existence, several iterations and versions of the character from different universes exist. One such character, and likely the most interesting and certainly the most modern, Miles Morales, has been a favorite of newer fans since the specific iteration was created. The role featured a young Spider-Man with a much different background and a story of loss than the original Spider-Man. Still, it was also close enough to the original Spider-Man that Miles Morales was a perfect new-era iteration of the web-slinger. Below, we’ve detailed the specific Spider-Man iteration that is Miles Morales and the characters’ appearances across various media, from the original comic originals to the character’s animated appearances, the possibility of the long-anticipated live-action debut of the character, and much more.

Miles Morales comic origins

Credit: Marvel Comics

Miles Morales Comic Origins

The origins of Miles Morales, which are oddly tied to Donald Glover, started when the character first appeared in the Marvel Ultimate imprint, an imprint that featured 21st-century renditions of characters to make them more fitting for a modern, younger audience. Similar to Peter Parker, Miles Morales acquired his powers from a radioactive spider, one that Osborn himself created to give himself to duplicate the abilities of Spider-Man, Peter Parker. Although Miles Morales was only thirteen when he gained his powers, he handled them with great responsibility, as every great incarnation of Spider-Man has. Unlike Peter Parker, Miles Morales powers have slightly different powers, such as his lessened Spider-Sense and two other abilities that he possesses exclusively. The exclusive powers of Miles Morales compared to Peter Parker include Venom Shock, in which he electrocutes with a punch, which then slightly paralyzes his enemy, and the ability to camouflage himself and whatever clothes he’s wearing as well.

Miles Morales Into the Spider-Verse

Credit: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Miles Morales Across Animated Media

While Miles Morales was introduced into the world of comics through comics from Marvel, the character has appeared across video games, animated media, and more, but the most significant focus on the character has been the Spider-Verse series of films, which see Miles Morales team up with the Spider-People of another universe, such as Peter B. Parker, Spider-Gwen, and others. Spider-Man: Into the Spier-Verse even paid homage to Donald Glover’s part in the final creation of the character, with a unique and hard-to-spot Community reference. So far, only one Spider-Verse film has premiered, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and the trailer for the second film in the trilogy has been released, with a third set to finalize the trilogy as well from Sony. The character of Miles Morales has been favored since its release, outside of some critically negative responses. Still, the animated films from Sony not only set the character into popularity for a new generation, as they did with the character’s original release. Although Sony and the MCU have no actual link, neither has set the way for the character to make an appearance, likely because Tom Holland won’t be dying in the MCU anytime soon, and Miles Morales has the biggest payout as an animated trilogy than live-action right now.

Donald Glover Community

Credit: Community

Miles Molares Possible Live-Action Debut

As stated above, Sony and Marvel Studios have no real connection, but through the SSU, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, there have been various links through the mid-credits scenes of Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage and Morbius. The closest connections to the MCU and the SSU from the MCU have been the inclusion of several Spider-Man characters from the previous Spider-Man installments that featured different actors in Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, as well as the long-building multiverse. WandaVision and Loki were the series that led the groundwork for the multiverse to be created and thrive, along with a misfired spell from Spider-Man and Doctor Strange that crossed the final boundaries to let events leak into the MCU from Sony’s previous efforts. With the end events of Morbius and Venom, the characters briefly entered our world, and the formation of the Sinister Six started to form, as Vulture contacted Morbius, and likely Venom soon. Miles Morales could be one of many Spider-People to help Spider-Man in an eventual event, such as the upcoming multiverse-clashing live-action event Secret Wars, that may somewhat mimic the creation of Miles Morales and his event return in the comics in Battleworld events. Although Sony has tried to make valiant efforts to conceive a competitive MCU counterpart of their own, they likely can’t do so, and if they do include Miles Morales, and the MCU and SSU are still going down their intended paths, Miles Morales may indeed appear as the newest MCU Spider-Man, or the one to headline the SSU and combat the Sinister Six. The Donald Glover Miles Morales connection and the live debut of Miles Morales have only gotten more complicated recently. 

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