Will Miles Morales Replace Peter Parker in the MCU?

It’s bound to happen, right? One day, the unthinkable might happen and people might want to move on from the old superheroes and possibly embrace those that have been on their way up for a while. Miles Morales has gained a serious amount of popularity over the years, and yet it’s fair to say that Peter Parker hasn’t been chucked to the side just yet. People still enjoy the classic Spider-Man, but they’ve also come to realize that the extended Spider-family, for lack of a better term, has come to improve upon the original characters’ powers and create several alternate versions that people have come up with and that have been shared with the fans. Out of the several Spider characters that have been revealed, there are definite favorites that could assume the mantle from Peter Parker eventually, and Miles is one of those that a lot of fans would no doubt consider backing as the core character that could continue to drive the overall story forward. Spider-Gwen would no doubt be another character that people would back, so there’s no shortage of individuals that could keep this story rolling. 

But seeing as how Miles was given his powers in a fairly similar manner to the original Spider-Man, it would appear that he’s going to be the guy for a while to come, though the way the Spider-Man keeps shifting and changing it doesn’t feel that Peter Parker is going to be allowed to slip away that easily. In some instances, it’s kind of a saddening turn of events to see heroes stick around well past their prime, though many fans would state that they’re not ready to give up on their favorite heroes and that keeping them around has more to do with the comfort they get from seeing their favorite heroes again and again. But the downside of keeping the same heroes around for years on end is that it becomes obvious that people don’t know how to move on, or don’t want to.

As one of those that didn’t want to see new heroes come strolling in, coming up with powers that were better and more efficient than the old ones, it’s been tough at times to really embrace the new generation of heroes and villains that have been present for years now. But the fact is that it’s necessary since, despite the desire to keep our favorite heroes around, there is a need to see new blood step into the roles that a lot of us have grown up with, especially since they keep the story moving forward and have youth on their side where the older heroes should be either retired or dead by now as, despite the many ways to defy time in the comics, it becomes tiresome after a while since the fantasy does break down after a while. One reason that people love comics and the series and movies that are inspired by them is that there is a sense of realism amid the fantasy and science fiction that keeps people coming back over and over. But the realism that can be injected into each series is also valued since it reminds people that no matter how fantastic these stories are, they still conform to natural laws that exist within their own worlds. 

At this point, Peter Parker should be a very old man since Spider-Man emerged in 1962 when Peter was a teenager. He would be well into his 70s by now, meaning that his web-slinging days would be long behind him. But of course, the comics get rebooted and revamped every so often so Peter gets to be a young man, or he gets cloned, or like many other characters, death doesn’t mean as much when it’s applied to him. It’s fair to say that the same might happen to Miles if he’s allowed to take over eventually, but the time might be coming when Miles will be allowed to step into the forefront finally and take over the franchise as THE Spider-Man. It would be embraced by a large number of fans no doubt, as Miles has become one of the favorite names on the roster when it comes to heroes taking on the Spider-Man moniker. But when it will happen is hard to say since a lot of people still have Peter Parker on the brain, and it’s bound to happen that he’ll be allowed to stick around for a while. 

Miles’ popularity isn’t about to be put in question, but it would be fun to see him take on the main role in the Spider-Man legacy at some point, as it would allow Parker to retire entirely and people to realize that Miles is up to the task. Even better would be a solo movie or series that could be used as a way to show that Miles could be trusted, as a character, to keep the legacy moving onward. 

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