Is It Time To Introduce A Live-Action Miles Morales?

Is It Time To Introduce A Live-Action Miles Morales?
Into The Spider-Verse Takuya Yamashiro
This is due to the death of Peter Parker. It’s inevitable that Miles Morales will make his live-action debut. The question is, should he make his first live-action appearance anytime soon? Here’s the thing, Sony and Marvel actually had the perfect opportunity to introduce Miles Morales, and that was during Spider-Man: No Way Home. The multi-verse angle could’ve summoned him from another dimension. Understandably, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a crowded film so adding Morales into the picture wouldn’t allow much depth to his character because there are so many moving parts regarding the Tom Holland feature that Morales wouldn’t get much of a chance to truly stand out. However, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man future is currently up in the air. In regard to the characters themselves, it would be great to explore a new version of Spider-Man. There’s only so much you can get out of Peter Parker and he’s pretty much been the focal point of the live-action series. On the flip side, Peter’s journey isn’t exactly over. The filmmakers had the option to either kill off Spider-Man or have him escape the lifestyle for good after the death of Aunt May. But he didn’t. If these rumors are true then it would be great to give Tom Holland’s version a proper goodbye instead of just moving on to Miles Morales.
That gives Sony and Marvel a chance to tie up any loose ends in the latest installment while properly handing over the reigns to the next generation. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is fresh off the biggest grossing film in the franchise, and given that the actor is currently skyrocketing into A-list status, why not use his fame and popularity to give the rub to Miles Morales? Sony made that mistake by abruptly ending Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and automatically jumping to the next incarnation without much fanfare. The difference between Morales and The Amazing Spider-Man is the characters and culture, but there’s still the possibility of fans not being interested in the new version because it does feel too soon to move from Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. He doesn’t have to follow the comics and die, though that would be the better route. Having Peter Parker die would smack everyone back into reality that these superheroes aren’t invincible and create a nice layer that says anything can happen in these films. It’s also possible for Parker to simply walk away. His life has been drastically ruined. His best friend and girlfriend no longer knows that he exists. He’s pretty much alone in the world at this point.
It would be shocking if Sony and Marvel decided to move on altogether as Tom Holland is a hot commodity. Is it possible to introduce Miles Morales while Peter Parker still exists? It is. There’s no rule that says only one Spider-Man can exist at a time. Though studios could be risking Spider-Man overload if they opt to go in this direction. Just like audiences were getting overwhelmed by the mass amounts of Stars Wars spin-offs, there’s not a direct need to have a separate Morales film because his world and character isn’t so different that it warrants having two live-action Spider-Man films. If this was Spider-Man 2099 or Spider-Cyborg then Sony could play around with this model; however, Morales has the exact powers as Peter Parker, along with living in New York City and dealing with the same villains. There should only be one live-action Spider-Man. Bringing in Miles Morales is exciting, but Sony and Marvel has to make sure it’s done properly.

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