10 Things You Didn’t Know about Liv Lo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Liv Lo

Liv Lo is a woman you don’t forget. Not only is the famed actress someone whose face you instantly recognize, she is also someone who is regularly in the headlines. New roles, her marriage, her baby, her love of yoga; it’s always something that someone is talking about. Yet, at the same time, it seems fans of the lovely actress know very little about her. She’s someone worth knowing, too, and we thought we’d bring you some of the information we’ve learned about her that we did not know prior to this. Here you go.

1. She is an 80s Girl

She was born in the mid-80s, and she grew up before technology took over. She’s living that nightmare now, but she did have a simple childhood without. For those curious, her date of birth is May 21, 1985. She was born in Taiwan.

2. She is Married

Many people know her as the wife of actor Henry Golding, and she is that. However, she is more than just his wife. The two were married back in 2016, and they tend to lay low. They both work hard, they both do their thing, and they rarely let the world into their marriage. It’s not a bad way to live in the spotlight.

3. She Met Her Husband on a Big Day

Their romance began nearly six years before their wedding. It was New Year’s Eve 2010. Most people want to go out that night and find love, get engaged, have a good time, make some memories, or whatever, and she did a little bit of all of that. She found the man who would later propose to her and become her husband. To make their story even more romantic, they met in Singapore.

4. She Loves Yoga

She loves yoga so much that she’s an instructor. She is also a fitness instructor, too, and it speaks to how much she regards the importance of good health. It is the single best thing you can do for yourself – take care of the one body you have, and she likes to share that with anyone who is interested in that.

5. She is Part Italian

She was born in Taiwan, so many people consider her Taiwanese. This is not a mistake, however. Her mother is from Taiwan, so this is her heritage. However, most people don’t know that her father is actually Italian, which makes her part Italian, too.

6. She is All About Getting What she Wants

She’s not the type to sit back and let the world happen around her. If she sees something intriguing, she’s going after it. When she was celebrating the beginning of a new year in Singapore in 2010, she saw Henry Golding. She was interested, so she made her move. We like to think that worked well for her.

7. She’s a College Grad

She attended college in Japan, and she earned her degree in communication. She’s put that degree to good use over the years, too. She’s worked on television, and she’s made some big moves in her career, too. She was a television host in Asia for some time prior to her current life as a wife and a mother.

8. She is a Mom

She and her husband welcomed their first and only child in March of 2021, and they are over the moon to be the parents of a little girl. In fact, they are so happy about it that he gave her the most amazing gift when she gave birth. It’s referred to as a push present, and it was a custom-designed tennis bracelet to commemorate the moment.

9. She Thought Birth Would Be Difficult

Like most of us when we are first-time moms, we think birth is the most difficult part, but it often isn’t for many of us. The birth was a piece of cake with that epidural, but things like breastfeeding and recovering and your entire life-changing can be a little more challenging. Liv Lo said the most challenging part for her as a new mom was the breastfeeding aspect.

10. Her Husband Praises Her

While he is also one who says that the new moments of first-time parenting can be challenging as everyone is learning their new roles and the new way things are done, his wife is someone he is so impressed with. He said she fell right into it, she did a stellar job, and she is amazing. Of course, all good husbands recognize this in their wives when they become new moms.

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