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This idea has been coming down the pipeline for a while now, and one thing that can be said about it is that it does look like another chance to demonize another animal in a comical but horrific manner. Then again, it’s also a chance to see something that could belong with movies like Arachnophobia and Eight-Legged Freaks, meaning that it’s so over the top that it’s better to laugh at it than tear it down. After her failure to revive Charlie’s Angels and the backlash that came from trying to defend the flop, Elizabeth Banks is coming out with another movie that looks like it’s going to be so stupid that people will feel the need to laugh but is also horrifying enough to be seen as something that might give the weaker-minded audience members nightmares. In other words, it might not be a truly horrible attempt to make something out of virtually nothing since the fact is that the true story of a black bear that consumed several kilograms of cocaine is an odd one, to be certain. It’s definitely not something that people tend to hear on a regular basis, and one could have easily guessed that someone would come up with the idea that might entertain the masses based on the true story. 

The true story is a lot less gruesome. 

As it goes with Hollywood, many of the stories that are picked up from the news and have actual truth to them are typically exaggerated and stretched beyond their realistic proportions. But to create a story like this, that’s kind of necessary given that telling the real story would be more of a newscast and not really in line with what audiences want to see when it comes to such a tale. Think about it, a bear that eats cocaine, a predator that is high to the gills and has no other recourse other than to flip out on those around it. That sounds entertaining, right? Okay, maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but at the same time, there are plenty of people out there who are willing to give this movie the benefit of the doubt in order to see what it’s going to be about and whether or not it will be what they want to see. 

It’s wise to take this idea as entertainment and not a sign of something that could happen. 

The demonization of certain animals in nature has been happening for years now, and it’s not that big of a deal unless it inspires people to think that the animals being misrepresented are, in fact, exactly as they appear to be. From sharks to wolves and definitely to bears, there have been plenty of animals that have been shown to be far more violent on screen than they are in real life. In terms of entertainment value, it’s wise to take these movies as they are and do your own research when it comes to discovering what such animals are like in the real world. For instance, sharks don’t tend to attack people unless there’s a good reason, wolves aren’t going to approach humans unless there’s a good reason openly, and bears are more likely to attack if a human gives them one. In other words, wild animals don’t target humans on purpose simply because they can, and we should be grateful since otherwise, there are a lot of people who wouldn’t last long. 

First trailer for Cocaine Bear arrives online

credit: Cocaine Bear

It’s easy to predict that Elizabeth Banks will have something to say if the box office is low for this movie. 

Banks hasn’t been silent when it comes to her movies doing poorly, but this one could go either way since it sounds ridiculous enough to be disregarded, but it also sounds like something that people might lock onto simply for the fun of it since, well, it’s a bear ingesting cocaine and attacking people, so it could easily be something that people will find appealing. But if the movie flops, one can almost bet with some certainty that Banks will start asking people what they really want or will once again accuse folks for not having a clue what they want since giving them a flop with Charlie’s Angels only to be followed with another flop that was meant to be a silly story would be enough to set a lot of people off. But perhaps the results will be surprising, meaning that Banks might not decide to pop off and that the movie might actually do something impressive. 

The CGI already looks dodgy, but that’s kind of expected. 

It’s way too easy to be a critic when it comes to CGI, but there’s a good chance that a lot of people would agree with this one since the CGI does look a little dodgy. It might be on purpose just to sell the story a little more, but anyone that’s been close to a bear knows that this one already looks like something that’s highly unnatural and resembles a deranged-looking Paddington more than it does a real bear. It could be that we’ll be surprised, and this movie will reach people on a level that affords it a great amount of success, but we’ll have to wait and see. 

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