The Hobbs and Shaw Sequel Sounds Like a No-Go

The Hobbs and Shaw Sequel Sounds Like a No-Go
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Well, maybe it’s not exactly a no-go, but it doesn’t sound as though it’s moving ahead as those involved might like. At the moment, it would appear that the sequel that so many people desired to see after Hobbs and Shaw came on the scene might not be in the best position to keep moving toward completion. There are a lot of reasons why this could be the case, but one of the biggest is the fact that one of the stars of the movie is kind of a busy individual, plus there’s no idea who would be willing to come back for the sequel. It’s fair to state that a lot of the cast would be willing to step back into their role to see the idea come to fruition, but scheduling is a pain in the backside some days, and trying to fit everything into a workable timeline for every person is bound to be next to impossible. Simply trying to get Dwayne Johnson back on track with this movie is bound to be one of the biggest hurdles since it’s been admitted that he’s a busy guy, and there’s no doubt that the rest of the cast is staying busy as well. 

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The first movie did leave a big opening for a sequel, but it should have happened sooner. 

There was no doubt that the movie was geared to create a sequel with the way it ended, but as of now, it feels that shooting two movies back to back would have been a smarter move than waiting and seeing how the audience reacted. It’s understood that the desire to make certain that people would enjoy the first movie was keeping the sequel from being made, among other reasons, but it’s still been long enough that people might start thinking that it will never happen. On top of that, trying to think of how to make the sequel something different than the first movie but keep the action, humor, and wit is kind of a big project since, like it or not, the formulaic approach to this type of sequel doesn’t feel like it works as well since even the first movie had a few moments that were enough to make eyes roll and heads shake. 

There has been speculation as to whether Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart will have bigger parts in the sequel. 

Both Hart and Reynolds had interesting roles in the first movie, and it’s worth noting that both of them focused more on Johnson since Statham hasn’t really dipped into the comedic action roles as much as Johnson has. If anyone recalls, Johnson’s first big movie, The Scorpion King, enjoyed plenty of humorous moments along with the action and the drama, as did movies such as Walking Tall and a few others. Statham might actually appear to be the odd man out if he’s not shown as much in the sequel if it happens since he’s not much of a comedic actor, even though his timing and acting are good enough to allow him to emit a chuckle now and then. In this particular type of movie, though, he’s more action and less humorous, which leaves the funny stuff to Johnson, Hart, and Reynolds if they did happen to find their way into the sequel. 

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The big bad, Eteon, kind of needs to be developed a bit further. 

It’s understood that it’s a big deal. They deal in weapons and biotech that’s very advanced, very dangerous, and very scary when it’s put into the wrong hands. And yet, not much more is known about this shadowy group other than they’re considered to be one of the biggest threats in the world and apparently very tough to pin down. Plus, it would appear that the person controlling Idris Elba’s character knew at least a little bit about Shaw and possibly Hobbs, so it sounds like kind of a personal matter that could have developed. If the sequel does get made, it might be interesting to find out more about this group. 

If this sequel isn’t seen within the next half-decade, it feels as though it should be tabled. 

There is a certain timetable that needs to be kept in order to release a sequel unless the story can be made to play the long game, which doesn’t feel like it would work for this tale. Hobbs and Shaw kind of need to be capable of still taking on the bad guy when it comes to this story since having them come back in their late 60s and 70s to combat a world terrorist is an odd story, to say the least. At that point, one would expect a younger squad to be assigned to such a task, which would change the movie in a big way. 

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