Why We’re Definitely Seeing “Bad CGI Sharks”

Bad CGI Sharks

Quite often there are ideas that some people think are good or bad, and then there are ideas like this that somehow make it past the cutting room floor where they should probably be left to rot. Bad CGI Sharks is going to be a movie that a good number of people ending up seeing largely because as Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb says it’s a spoof of a spoof. Considering the nature of spoof movies is meant to be silly, you can imagine what a spoof of a spoof is going to be like, and it’s already looking ridiculous. But for some reason it’s like a car crash, you just can’t look away even if you know that you really, REALLY want to. The strange thing about this disturbingly bad CGI movie is that it’s supposed to be this way and it’s celebrating the fact that nowhere is safe now since a movie that two estranged brothers wrote together has come to life and is good and angry. The movie they wrote is obviously about sharks, but without constraints or even apparent weaknesses that might come from being out of a watery element the sharks are able to roam pretty much anywhere they want and as a result can feast whenever and wherever they want.

As Mike Sprague from JoBlo tells it this movie isn’t meant to take itself seriously and that’s probably for the best since just getting a couple glimpses of it I can’t help but roll my eyes and wonder just why, after Sharknado, the bar had to be lowered yet again. I’ll probably end up seeing it out of sheer, morbid curiosity, but the idea of enjoying it seems to be something that most people better place in the back of their mind if they don’t leave it at home altogether. Why is that? That’s pretty simple, because there really haven’t been any good shark movies for a long time, and now the movies that continue to come out are taking that and running with it. From the second that Jaws decided to make a sequel the train of thought went off the rails and the ideas that came thick and fast at that point were bound to become something that would blossom out of a murky nightmare that was inspired so many decades ago by a man-eating beast that in its own habitat is absolutely deadly and has few if any real predators.

The fact that this movie downgraded itself so much is bound to make a lot of people laugh since a shark swimming through air and being able to attack anyone, anywhere is something you don’t tend to see often unless you’re in the habit of looking for bad shark movies. Throughout the years now people have actually been seeking out bad shark movies and they’ve found them more often than not since the denizens of the deep have been the subject of many a movie that’s decided that they’re perfect for both horror and intrigue. Take any movie from those that are released directly to DVD to those that are featured in the theater for a short time and you’ll see why shark movies of today aren’t that great. It’s true that some of them have some pretty captivating moments, but overall the lot of them have been more laughable than anything since Sharknado, The Meg, Deep Blue Sea, Deep Blue Sea 2, and the many different shark monsters that have emerged from the sea for our entertainment have all had their moments, but they’ve all been absolutely horrible as well since the CGI that each movie uses is utilized in different ways and using different attack methods that tends to attract more interested visitors that laugh, point, and tend to remember what they’ve seen. And it JUST KEEPS COMING.

Fair enough, people are digging the low-quality, humorous material that they’re seeing since it doesn’t require any thought and it’s just a good bunch of fun for everyone. But why do people seem to revel in these kind of movies? Well, they’re cheap to make, meaning they can be churned out in a relatively short amount of time, and until a really big, captivating movie comes along that might be interesting enough to watch there’s plenty of these around to watch over and over again. Some people might even get inspired to make their own movie and see how they measure up. After all fake blood is fairly easy to make and not too expensive to buy in some cases, and if one knows how to stage a scene then they might have a good shot at impressing someone higher up on the film ladder than they are. In other words it’s a good time that doesn’t require an extraordinary amount of effort like big-name movies.

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